I have breathing issues and your employees treated me like dirt. I spend so much money in your store. Never again.

User's recommendation: Boycott Menards.

Location: Crown Point, Indiana

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Stores are private property they have the right to refuse service to anyone. They set the rules!

You follow them or get kicked out, simple! ? Why can't you wear a mask? Listen up masks in fact do help.

They help reduce asymptomatic people from spreading it. You easily could show no symptoms and be spreading it everywhere. Masks save lives regardless if you want to believe it or not. Great job being a great human!

Throwing a tantrum over nothing! America the land of the entitled and dumb!


Any place that requires wearing of a mask is not a place to shop now. Wearing a mask indicates submission, whether you have a breathing problem or not.

Sheep blindly follow the herd. People should not.


Wacko Jacko used to wear a mask. It made his appearance look even stranger than before.

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