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Your requirement of masks. A person should be able to show freely without masks.

You have a death rate of less than 1%.

Really, you are very paranoid. I will take my business to smaller communities.

User's recommendation: Mask free shopping.

Preferred solution: Mask free shopping.

Menards Pros: Cheap products.

Menards Cons: Mask wearing, Not able to shop due to mask, Not letting people in without a mask.

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Masks don't do much to prevent you from catching the virus, they are there to help keep you from spreading it. You and others like you are the reason this epidemic is still on-going.

Ya can't be bothered to just put up with a minor inconvenience for a little while, to END the spread of the virus.

People who don't yet know they are Covid-19 positive are spreading it all over everything, by not wearing masks. Just shut the ---- up and do your part, so this can all finally end!


Its not a minor convenience for some people! Peiple with breathing issues, lung diseases, anxiety, PTSD and other disabilities are exempt from mask mandates!


They can shop elsewhere.


A person as a business owner should also be able to do as much as they can to protect their employees from the virus. Requiring masks is one of the best ways. Stay away if you don't like it.


Masks don't protect against the virus. And yes I plan to shop elsewhere. Give my business to small communities.


You are flipping Dotard. Of course businesses such as My Nards has the right to allow or deny whom ever they choose to shop in there store.

I will never shop in the My Nards store again due the mask policy.

I am quite confident that I am not the only one . Good luck with the mask you .


So we should mask everyday if that's the case. What about influenza, the cold.

We didn't mask before than . Give me a break.

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