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On 3/27/21 I purchased 22 rolls of torched down material the order number is #28050 and paid for delivery

When delivered I was only brought 15 rolls and was told that the location was getting the others from another location

So on 3/2-3/4 and again 3/6 I went back to location and was told they didnt have any on store and someone will be bringing them back out today once the manager Joe comes in at 10am

Just spoken to Joe and he saying he dont no anything about this and dont know who told me this but he does has 8 rolls there but had to see can the person who does delivery can bring it out tomorrow

Im a contractor and I have a dead line on this project and tomorrow its going to rain so tomorrow not a good day

I going out there to pick up material but I paid for delivery also I wish to get reimbursed fir my time and traveling there 3 days about this matter

So unprofessional and inconsiderate at this location

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 11140 Saint Charles Rock Road, Saint Ann, MO 63074

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At one point Menards had a contractor sales and service department with pick up trucks to service contractors but they did away with that. They don't have their own delivery trucks and rely on outside delivery services.

If their schedule is full or they are done for the day they aren't going to take additional deliveries.

You may pay more at a lumber company that serves contractors but I get you would find them doing more to get your materials to you in a timely manner. It was your choice when you placed the order at Menards to save a few bucks.


At the issue clearly is not with the delivery service being "overbooked", but instead store staff overselling on hand merchandise. The employee placing the order " verified " the count solely on the count on the computer screen, instead of them personally taking a walk out to the yard shed to verify that they had a total of 22 in stock all in undamaged.

If the computer states 28, but the actual count of undamaged stock is 15 guess what happens when the delivery prep staffing prepares the pallet for shipment??? Also there could have been greater than 22 of undamaged item in stock at the time of the sale but the salesperson failed to have the 22 items put aside to be prepped for delivery, resulting in another customer coming along and grabbing a few between when the sale was made and when the delivery prep staff got the invoice to shrink wrap the delivery.

Clearly the sole issue is either the salesman never physically verified the stock up front, or did not pull the needed items at the time of the sale. Then when the proper restock comes along instead of putting this customer to the front of the delivery line to fulfill a backordered shipment then instead choose to play the "we will get back to you when we have time" excuse.


That is why contractors who depend on a reliable supply of products are better off dealing with a store that specializes in servicing contractors. Someone standing behind a counter making minimum wages at Menards isn't going to care what happens after they print your invoice. Someone working on commission in a contractor yard is going to do whatever it takes to keep his customers happy.


In other words, menards has become the Aldi of home improvement????

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