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No problem wearing my mask but when screamed at to put it on when I had it removed to talk on the phone to my 80yr old mother I get pissed. No reason to disrespect me.

So I decide to talk to a manager &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this brings Adriana into the picture. Shes wearing Goth Style heavy black eyeliner and radicalized make up, had with her some puffed kid with an attitude to match her and trying to look tough. She immediately starts off like a total B word while the kid stares at me like we are about to fight. I hadn't said a word.

s is from the onset of any communication with them..... The level of disrespect for me as a person or humanity in general was APPALLING. As a veteran, a college graduate, and a master plumber, Menards rises to the level of my boots for professional conduct. Unfortunately Menards is in my wheelhouse professionally as I run plumbing crews and installed over 3 million in material in 2020 alone.

I will NEVER shop at yourstore again, and I will also never forget the way I was treated this morning. Lowes is 1/2mi away, offers veteran parking, veteran discounts and treats people with respect and dignity.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Wear a mask or stay the F home


Not buying it loser! Surgeons perform open heart surgery with a room full of other health care workers wearing masks and are able to communicate! Poor repug!!!


Blah blah blah. Typically “I spend thousands in your store” we have gone to new heights of spending millions.....

waving the bulls$$t flag. Wear the mask while in the store or please for the love of god...SHOP AT LOWES.


Why can't a "college graduate" understand that they require masks. People talk through masks all the time. No need to remove it to talk.

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