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after having a very very 3 hard days of work i did buy some decking lumber to complete this project. I did park in lumber yard to pick-up the lumber after payment at register inside of store. on my way back thru store i realized i were out of philips bits and picked up two packs of 10 each ($19.98 of value). while i was going thru the aisles and searching for tools and stuff for my next project i put those bits in my front packet while i was focused on searching for some other things. so i walked out and almost drove out (almost!!!). then soddenly LP guy showed up and asked me if i paid for those bits i had in my front pocket. i totally forgot about them until he reminded me at the gate. All the staff and management tried to make a scene like they caught the thief who stole thousands of USD from menards. Such a victory...

I told them i didn't mean it. I did shop menards for past 12 years, every day, sometimes twice a day. i spent a least 30-50k annually only at menards. such a waist.

The guards from SPI tried to contain and interrogate me in room with no windows and tried to do psychological pressing (telling me in my face i am criminal and thief). I asked the guard (Brandon Jones) for medical assistance and to make a call to my Doctor and Attorney (the phone had no reception in that room). but this *** said repeatedly "it'll be just a minute". Basically he violated my "constitutional" rights (if they are such?)

LP guy and store manager have decided to issue a citation for shoplifting and NO Trespass order for any menards stores for me for life. I called to discuss it so they can lift it but it seems like they are just a bunch of *** (Can't Understand Normal Thing).

I really see how these *** don't care about anyone, about menards' business. all they can say "i am in charge. i am the boss here"

When *** hits the fan, i see them screaming for help.

don't waist your money for their salaries.

My advice: do not shop menards. it's not worth it.

Home Depot has WAY BETTER Costumer Service (if what it's called)

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Tell me what happened in court with the citation process-I am going through somthing similiar :?


you are a criminal and a thief, you did violate the law. they had every right to detain you.

***, if you gave me that hard of a time i would have just called the police.

maybe then you would learn a lesson you clearly werent taught growing up; don't take things that aren't yours. ***.


Before you call people *** take some English classes


I don't think you realize how much Menards loses from petty & major theft. Besides, how many real thiefs will use excuses like "I forgot"?

Even long time customers can be major theives by stealing pennies at a time. Think of it this way, you have an apple tree in your yard and your neighbor picks one every day and pretty soon, there's none for you.

Companies don't succeed & grow by letting pennies slide out the door. You just had an unfortunate experience that follows strict policies.


Actually, I understand forgetting them, but man, you just don't put things in your pockets--anyone would have treated you that way. Imagine how many times a month they hear the same bull from others??

This is not Menards' fault, it's yours.

You bad-mouth them for doing what every single other store would have done. Learn from it and quit whining, you sound like a thief who got caught.


For one they PROVIDE carts and baskets for a reason. For two your pockets are for PERSONAL belongings.

And three it's company policy to interrogate people for shoplifting.

And shoplifting is attempting to leave a store with non-purchased items on your person. ***.


I wonder how many times you "forgot" to pay for something not only at Menards but other stores. Who puts things in their pockets before paying for it.

They are not dumb. When you "forgot" to pay for your the bits you totally lost your constitutional rights. You remind me of that 11 year old who was complaining his right to the fifth were violated when they picked him up for shoppliting and asked why he did it. You are just angry you got caught.

It does not matter if you stole something worth $1 or $1000 a thief is a thief. It does not matter if you only went to the store once to buy an $1 item or if you spend thousands a year, a thief is a thief.


This is either a disgrunted employee who was fired for stealing from his company or something else These security guards dont provide their names.


It's okay, I'm a cop. Trust me, I've been doing this for eleven years.