Toledo, Ohio
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My last visit to Menards was not pleasent. I purchased 8 6"x6"x10' long landscape timbers and was told I'd have to climb a steel ladder to get my product from the top rack in the yard.

One employee did take pitty and handed the timbers to me while I was on the ladder which I had to climb down with the timber over my shoulder. All this occured while two other employees watched from the ground floor. I asked them for help. their answer: "your doing good".

I would have blowen my top if it wasn't for the fact that I had my young son with me, and Menards was the only place that had 10' timber. If I every buy lumber from Mernards again, I'm going by myself and going prepared for battle.

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When this happens you call OSHA right away, this would be a very a top priority for them. Customers are NOT allowed to do these types of things, the employees are. OSHA would be out there so fast and shut the store down, fine them, and possibly fire these employees.


This happens all of the time in yards, and certainly all of the time at Menard's. I have to load on my own all of the time.

I usually don't mind because I don't want dropouts, I mean "excellent staff", giving be broken bricks or torn bags. When I last got railroad ties, an employee reluctantly helped me.

He couldn't wait to get back to keeping it real. There are some good employees at Menard's, but generally not.


True, you should not have climbed the ladder however for MADATYOU to be so cavaleer and for FELLA to doubt you is a joke! If you would have been hurt, Menards would have gotten out of it, your loss.

The problem is you already paid for the product and you most likely wanted to get to your project. So if no *** employee will assist you then you just have to do it yourself.

This stuff happens all the time, why should we as customers have to spend an afternoon speaking with store managers to insure proper service. Why can't store managers manage their store?


You are an *** for climbing the ladder sir. I myself have never suggested or made any person climb a ladder to get a product.

I give great guest service because I demand it wherever I go. Next time get a store manager involved and I assure you the employees *** will be ridden hard.


this is completely believable. the absolute, utter truth. nothing could have happened differently.


this isn't made up or anything. totally real.


Just have "Fella" get it for you, he's SO Smart! Just ask him, he'll tell ya!