Massillon, Ohio

Why doesnt Menard's have brand name products? It seems that they have led the route that Wal-mart has become famous for and that is to cheapen products to advertise low prices.

They sell products for less than Home Depot or Lowes yet the other two are much larger and have greater buying power than Menards. So how does Menards sell for much less? There are only a few ways to do it, you either buy cheaper, inferior products that cost less, you buy greater volumes than your competition or you buy factory rejects and sell them cheap. I will let you guess which one you think they are doing but I know I have purchased products from Menards that were rejects from Lowes.

When I opened the box, there was writing on the label that said return to vendor from Lowes.

On the other hand though, if you catch them they will take the return but who wants to deal with a company like that in the first place.

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Unfortunately a lot of what you see in the stores is driven by customer demand. Many times items start with multiple price levels in stock but when customers only buy the lower priced items the higher priced, higher quality items get discontinued due to lack of sales.

If more customers were willing to spend a little more for higher quality items more would be stocked. Menards is a profitable and growing business because they are good at filling the stores with what their customers are willing to buy.


Menards and others sell bi-fold doors with inferior track and top pivot. The track is made of steal that is so thin that it quickly bends out of shape. the top pivot will work it's way loose, and the guild roller on the door will get stuck in the bent track.

Menards should require their suppliers to make their bi-fold hardware strong enough to last more than 6 months.


Menards buys the garbage out of China know one else will take pure junk.


If you don't like it, don't buy it. No one forced you to walk into Menards and spend less money.


Under no circumstances do I want any one of you to relate to each other by your Christian names, and I don't want any talk about yourself personally.


Stop blaming Menards because their prices are lower than the competition, that they must be pulling some *** to keep their prices so low. You need something from store and it doesn't work, I bet Menards would take it back if it was obviously seomething wrong with it.


Menards does have name brands. Ever heard of Black and Decker or Bosch power tools, Crescent or Allen hand tools, Hunter ceiling fans, Eljer plumbing fixtures, Mohawk carpet, Dutch Boy paints, Whirlpool appliances, Pella windows or Owens Corning insulation or roofing products?

We carry a ton of name brands, as well as a ton of generic alternatives. Accordingly, there can be a wide difference in the cost and quality of some of these items. I have never seen a shipment of factory seconds arrive in any of the 6 Menards locations I have worked in, and I find it hard to believe that we would buy *** like that when we have our own in house brand, Masterforce, that really meets or exceeds the quality of most comparable tools. I have seen numerous occasions where people will repackage their damaged or worn tools in new cartons and try to return them at the service desk.

Occasionally these things do make it to the shelf, but you can hardly make blanket cheapness allegations across 200+ stores based on the unscrupulous actions of a few individuals. My suspicion is that your Lowes allegation happened on only one occasion, on one item, not on the multiple items that your posting suggests. I would not be surprised to find the item had been stolen from Lowes, out of a returns bin or something, and fraudulently returned to Menards. What happened to you is not that you were duped by Menards buying ***, but that you actually witnessed a crime against Menards.

This is another reason that we limit the number of models from name brand manufacturers.

Its really easy to steal from one retailer and try to return the stolen goods at another retailer for store credit, then go into the parking lot and sell that store credit for cash. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say ***.


Menards does buy products that have come from other stores. However it's not always their choice, several different times we have pulled product from the shelf after discovering they came from another store.

menards is also cheaper because it's a family owned company not a publicly owned one. there are many different reasons this casues our prices to be lower.

@menards guy

Try to find a sink basin that is flat, no bow or bend. You might think you are saving money, but after the 3rd trip back to the store, you realize you should have ordered your Cabinet or fixture from a factory distributor. Any installer knows if you want quality, Menards is the last place you want to go.


actually you ***, menards manufactures a lot of their own merchandise. this cuts out an entire level of cost, known as wholesale.

another fabulous thing about menards is that they offer different brands and different qualities of the same product. the only difference is in the price. so you can do a few things here. you can learn to use your tools properly and stop breaking them, or you can go to another store and purchase "superior" products at a higher price.

guess you're lucky that you don't have to worry about finances like everyone else in today's world. get off your high horse and act civilized!