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I worked a very short time in management/administrative position. I could not treat staff with the disrespect that was expected from me.

Menards has rules that are set in stone and no emergency or illness is acceptable so penalized if cannot work. A doctor's letter will only lessen the number of disciplinary points given you...and I witnessed management not accepting the written doctor's notes professing it was a fake. Turnover is unbelievable. Management seems to thrive on control at the expense of employees' physical and mental well being.....sorta like being in an abusive relationship.

Training is very minimal but corporate mandates this written text book training and written tests to maintain your job...something they fail to tell you during the interview. They like to hire part time employees and make them work 40 plus hours but as a part time employee no benefits need to be paid out and part time employees make less hourly wage than full time.

You will work their schedule so do not plan anything in your personal life. Corporate has not identified the cause of the excessively high turn over rate of it's employees....guess they don't care as long as the bottom line of sales to payroll is in the black.

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I know from working at Menards for a year that the GM and Agm are back stabbing plotters who make sure they keep who they like. When you have some women who work in a department and threaten chock in men or stabbing them isn't smart.

Yet they keep their job and when people are talking who things are poler is ed and hearing black singing about slavery and a couple of white men get fired from the back for sticking up for everyone is bs. Yet some of the policies of how if you don't make payroll get punished. I saw a great worker get fired and think it's n u ts. They always showed up did their job and we're great with the customers/guests according to Menard policy that on this one thing they get fired yet some of the managers chat on their cell phones by hiding it with department phone or use phone to chat with their buddies.

Unless you kiss as or stay on their pc side then you can stay. It seems some are their favorites. When you see 10 people leave in less than a month you know something from the top is wrong when management doesn't try to keep the best workers to get things done. Yet some employees can say and do whatever they want and some they single out to fire just to keep a quota of the right hire rate it seems.

It is a bad place. I feel sorry for those who were fired and can see why they won't try to keep tem and say is this what John Menard would want. How about you bring him down and ask.

Doubt he gives a shirt since he worth a few billion and been sued and still has that money and can't get things right on orders cause the big wigs in the head office can't visit stores to see some things don't sell yet keep sending the ***. Just hope those guys and girls find good jobs.


The post is not entirely accurate. Company policy allows store managers the ability to excuse absences due to illness without a doctors excuse.

Many store managers set their own rules and require a visit to a doctor and a doctors excuse before they will excuse an absence. The companies problem is that they allow store managers to take their power trips and set rules for their store. You will find great store managers who value their team members and have very low turn over but there are far too many that enjoy the power trip and walk all over their team. I've even worked for a store manager who felt his week was disappointing if he didn't fire at least one employee.

The training is there but again some managers do a better job of using the training tools that are available than others. Schedules are based on your position. Part time team members have their schedule made around their availability. As a full time team employee you are paid more than a part time employee in exchange for being scheduled to fill the need of the department.

Schedules are made 2 weeks in advance and if you have plans for an event, appointment or whatever you can put in a temporary schedule change to get the time off. Working retail is not a 9-5 job. Keeping a store open the hours consumers demand require a varied schedule. If you can't work a varied schedule that includes weekends, don't get a retail job.

All in all Menards is a pretty decent retail company offering great opportunities for advancement.

If you are considering working in retail, talk to the employees at the store you are considering working for and see how they feel about their jobs. You may get an idea of how the store manager treats their employees.


I can attest this is a very accurate post, however, there are much darker things that happens at Menards that you will never understand until you've experienced it. I would like to address the comment about the lack of training, I used to think that way as well.

Then I got a job working for Target. I soon realized Menards training was half way decent for a big box store. While at Menards I had numerous work sheets I had to complete in my first month of work. Over the course of my next 5 years I had others and was always notified of a policy changes.

I also had the option to do the in-home training online. The raise review test are 20 easy multiple choice questions and if you didn't pass them it usually meant you were lazy and clueless. Target on the other hand, had zero training. You were just expected to know.

Mangers would make up BS policies on the fly to suit their needs. They had zero consistency. Menards training at least set you up for success if you put in the effort. Targets training was always set you up for you to fail, as well as their expectations.

The reason you see high turnover rates at jobs typically means one thing, it's a bad job. The reason it's a bad job usually comes down to bad leadership or poor working conditions with insane labor expectations. The Menards I worked at everyone was miserable and everyone was afraid to speak up in fear of being fired or reprimanded. Guest/customers would be hostile towards everyone...

The overworked constantly bullied Mangers would then take it out on their part time employees. You didn't need to be the best worker at my store, you survived by going unnoticed.

You could have absolute perfect attendance and perfect scores from secret shoppers and none of that will matter. All it will take is a brand new general mangers who dislikes you (because he doesn't take the time to get to know you) and a couple of fraudulent guest complaints from random crackheads off the street and you're history.