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Have you ever cinsidered building a Menards store in Myrtle Beach? We have both Loews and Home Depot.

Neither have quality help and the selection and quality of merchandise. Neither of these home improvement stores could compete with Menards.

Hopefully you would strongly consider building a store here.

Waiting patiently,

Ken Kister

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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If you look at Menards history they started in the Midwest and are slowly expanding from there. It will be a while before they get there.

Menards is different than Lowes and Home Depot in that the company is privately owned. They use profits from the stores they have for expansion rather than selling stock or taking on debt.

Keep in mind there is more than just building new stores involved. New distribution centers and manufacturing plants are also required as the company expands into new areas, it all takes time.

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