Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Not resolved

Brought heater - did'nt work - tried to return it and were refused. Threw the heater in

a nearby trash barrel -attendant snatched it up and dashed back intfo the store. Menards

is not reputable and relies on it's hugh advertising & sucker-bait products to keep it going.

Sadly it dominates the market in our area - Eau Claire wi. We now do our shopping with the

local lumber yard - at least they are homest. I've noticed that Menard's advertising has overwhelmed

the local market thus discouragingh outside competition. Our area has been known for

supporting the local merchants and restricting outside competigtion. A good example of

this is the local zoning laws which favor locals and a utterly incmpetent zoning board of


Monetary Loss: $39.

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front end employee here as well. there are very few reasons a reaturn would be denied.

as for the employee snatching it out a trash can i call bs. and you live in eau clair.

uh did you realise our general office is located there? of course your gonna see advertising all over the place.


Before you complain learn how to spell!! Maybe they didn't return it cause you are an ***... :)


Really? Because I work front end too and my store in WI is supposed to return practically anything.

This past weekend I had to return a stuffed bunny dog toy that a ladies puppy had been using for weeks because "the stitching was loose" uhhhhhh that's what puppies do with stuffed animals! But she got a new one anyways!


I worked at a Menards in Iowa as a front line manager and was told to refuse returns all the time with or without receipt. After questioning this multipul times I was asked to step down.


Why were you refused? Did you have your receipt, was it under a warranty specifically through the manufacturer which would require you to take it to a service center that would be free, or were you past the warranty date?

It doesn't make sense that you'd throw it away if you felt the store was wrong, most people would keep the product until hearing from corporate. This sounds like you were in the wrong and you're just pissed that you messed up somewhere in the process.


Louzy Speelling