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What started out as a problem in the store has escalated greatly since I tried contacting their customer service department, or lack there of!

So I have to submit my issue in writing? What, nobody wants to hear it? Think people will see what a hassle it is to report a problem and just forget about it?

This is ridiculous!

I went to the store on the South side of Des Moines, to the “kitchen design” center.

To start off, the person I dealt with fumbled around as she didn’t know how to use the design program. As we continued, she kept asking “what do you want here?” What do you want there?” I told her, I don’t know, give me some ideas. All she kept saying is “you can put whatever you want”.

I told her, I want my kitchen layout to be as efficient as it can be. I kind of thought that someone who designed kitchens for a living would be able to give me some ideas.

Again, she said. You can put whatever you want wherever you want. I told her again, “I’m looking for help with this!” That’s when she rudely said, “Well we DON’T come to your house and do this!”

I never thought for a moment that they did!

Here’s the deal, I have the form that shows the cabinets and their dimensions. The prices are marked on the display racks. I know how to read a tape measure and operate a calculator.

If I knew how the best way to lay things out were, I wouldn’t be going to a kitchen designer now would I ?

At this rate, that’s not a kitchen design center, it’s nothing more than someone telling you what the project will cost!

As I said, the prices are on the rack, I have a calculator, and a tape measure.

What purpose does that person serve other than mislead people into thinking that they are there to help them only to find out that they’ll only get frustrated and insulted?

In the end, I STILL need kitchen cabinets, I have NO idea what my options are and am pissed off at the rude customer service. Add to that, I try and call customer service and am shrugged off to deaf ears and lost in the e mail system!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Misleading the customer.

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Instead of calling the corporate office, you could just try to be nice and speak with the manager on duty at the store and asking them for help. Calling the corporate office doesn't get you help, posting on the internet doesn't get you help, but talking to real people can...


I did speak to the store manager. I was polite when I explained what happened. All I got was an "I'll check into it".


Do did you speak to the store manager again after that?Did you follow up on that phone call?


what on earth would make someone think there is any kind of expert working at Menard's or any box store? If they are experts and know what they are doing and can make three times as much in pay, why the *** would they work there?


Exactly, they are not designers in the store. They are there to lay out the plan you bring into them to order your cabinets.

They are not going to pick out everything that is up to you to go in with a game plan.

How are they suppose to do this without seeing the space you are working with? If you want design service you need to go to one of the custom cabinet shops where they come to your home to plan it out and give you ideas, not a do it yourself store.


1. The sign saying "Kitchen design center" plus another employee in that department said that is what they do.Hence my comment of misleading the customer.2.

As I said in my complaint. If I can lay it all out myself, I don't need them to lay it out for me.I can make up a Bill of Materials and order the components myself.3. I DID go in with a Game Plan. I wasn't expecting them to "pick out everything".

Just maybe offer some suggestions.4. There is absolutely no need for them to see the room !Way back when I was in school, I took a couple of classes called Drafting 1 and Drafting 2. I learned how to draw out building plans that in the end I could make up a Bill of Materials and know pretty close to exactly how much of what I was going to need.My drawings showed the location of plumbing, exhaust hood exit, windows and doors, along with their dimensions. It also showed the range top dimensions being that I plan to use my existing range top.

I gave her an idea of what I wanted and asked for assistance in selecting options.Being that I'm replacing the refrigerator and oven and wasn't sure what all sizes are available. I don't think that my asking should have warranted her getting pissed at me !When I told her that I don't have a conventional stove, but rather a separate range top and oven, that didn't go over so well...Each and every day, buildings are built and designed on paper long before anyone turns over a shovel of dirt. They include details down to the color of the walls, the style and finish of door knobs and how many light fixtures there will be.Anyone can just throw in whatever cabinets fit into a given area. BUT, there is that way, then there is an efficient way.I just thought that being she's does this day in and day out for the past 8 - 10 years that I've seen her there.

PLUS the fact that the sign that says "Kitchen Design center", I didn't think I was being that unreasonable in asking for options and advice!Really, Is that asking so much ? Am I really being that unreasonable?Should I really have to go to a custom kitchen center for advice or inventory options?Has customer service gone THAT far down hill ?


You do realize that the person who handles the cabinets is not the same person that knows all the ins and outs for appliances? There are different departments here that you are referring to.

Menards is a DIY store.

You are much better off to go to a local appliance store to get exactly what will work for your set up, they are the ones that can answer all the questions. At Menards, the one who designs your cabinets will not be one bit of help for the appliances or flooring, you will have to work with at least 3 different people to accomplish what you are trying to do.


The person designing the cabinets also sells appliances (it is the cabinets and appliances department). They are not involved with the flooring and wall coverings.


1. The sign saying "Kitchen design center" .2. That's what another employee said they did.They know their inventory better than I do, I thought maybe they could suggest some items that I may not know of.


This gal has worked there for 8 - 10 years. I was told she was good at laying out kitchens.


You probably got a new employee. Find out who the department manager or assistant is (their names are on the tv screen over the desk) and have them design your kitchen.

Be aware that the training is minimal for cabinet designers at Menards.

Don't be afraid to check prices at a local custom cabinet shop. Many times the prices are very competitive with what you would pay at Menards.


No, she wasn't new, she's been there for 8-10 years that I know of.What shocked me is all the nice things I've heard about her. When I went in, I was really hoping that she'd be the one to help me. When she treated me the way she did, I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say.I actually wandered around the store for a while processing what just happened, then went up front to the store manager.The department manager did call me back.When I told him what happened, he said "Oh no,,, that's not right" He told me to come see him personally and he'd help me out.


Had she designed kitchens for 8-10 years or worked at the store for 8-10 years. Just because you have worked in the store for a long time doesn't mean you know how to do everything.

She may have just been placed in the kitchen department or perhaps she was just having a bad day or you weren't listening to the questions she was asking. When you work with the computer and design a kitchen there is a certain order things need to be done in. It's amazing how many people want to jump ahead in the design and don't want to answer the questions that are needed to even start a proper design.

Having designed kitchens for a number of years I have stopped working on a design when customers don't want to provide the information I need to complete a proper design. They are wasting both my time and theirs.


She's worked in that department ever since I can remember. I've been a very steady customer since Menards came to town.Having been in the business of dealing with people all of my working life (40 years), one thing I've learned is that you don't take your personal problems out on the customer.

So if she was "having a bad day", that's not an excuse for being rude.As for the certain order of how things are done? I have no idea what that order is, that's why I went to someone who I thought did.All I said was; "I'm looking to remodel my kitchen, do you have time to help me with doing a layout?" She said yes. I handed her my drawings of the room with clear and accurate dimensions along with the location of doors and windows. I grabbed a stool and sat to watch.As she was opening the program, she briskly said "you know you can do this yourself online, don't you?" Her saying that made me feel like she really didn't want to do it.I just replied: "Oh, no, I didn't know that.

But even if I did, I wouldn't know how to do what it is that I'm trying to accomplish." I said nothing more.Once she had the program opened she looked at my drawings and entered the dimensions. she started placing the sink here and cabinets there.She asked, "how big is your stove?" I replied; " It's just the cook top, the oven is separate. But, it sets into the counter in a 36" X 22 1/2" cutout".She gave an annoyed sigh and said; "We don't have a cabinet for the oven to set into."I said: "Well, I'm sure I can build an enclosure for that, it's just oak".She then asked: " How big is your dishwasher, do you have one?"I replied: " Not at the time, I do want to add one."She says; "Next to the sink okay?"Me, "Yes, that's fine."She continued to move stuff around and couldn't get the sink to stay against the wall. It kept wanting to set in the middle of the room.

She messed around with this, and messed with that, but it wouldn't stay. She moved on to something else.Then she asked; "How big is your refrigerator"I replied:" I'll be buying a new one when I do this so, I really don't know. I'll want the largest that I can fit and still keep it within aspect to the size of the room.She asked; "What kind do you plan to get, a side by side, dutch door, or ?"I replied: "Side by side. Just curious, what's a dutch door refrigerator?"She explained.I replied:" Ohh, I like those, I think one of those would work well for me"With the sink now offset from the window, she went back to the cabinets that go from the corner and up to the refrigerator, then she asked :"What kind of cabinet do you want here?"I replied: " I don't know.

I have that same lay out now and that area is kind of a "dead zone", not user friendly at all.She says; " I can put there whatever you want."I said: I don't know, any ideas ? I'm open to your suggestions."She sighs again and sternly says: You can put whatever you want there, you just need to tell me what you want !"I was a mix of frustrated, feeling dumb (like I should know more about kitchen cabinets than I do), and like,, I don't know what all.I said: "I'm open to ideas, this is what you do, I was kind of thinking that someone who designs kitchens all day could give me some suggestions, could help me lay this out."She snaps at me and says "Well it's NOT like we're going to come to your house and design you a kitchen ! "After a pause,I said " Forget it !

I'm done ! Give me my drawings !So, that's the chain of events.Would you please explain to me where this became all my fault and what it is that I said, didn't say, or what it is that makes my complaint so unreasonable ?


Can I assume she asked what style and brand of cabinets you wanted? They use a couple of programs to design kitchens.

One of the programs is available on line and Menards encourages their employees to let their customers know they can design their kitchens on-line. The cabinets that can be designed on this program have a very limited number of sizes and options. As she let you know you could design the kitchen on line it would appear you requested one of their lines that can be planned with that program. These cabinets are fine for basic kitchens but they have a limited number of sizes and options.

They won't have cabinets to hold a oven and more than likely have a base wide enough for a 36" cooktop. It really is up to you if you want drawer base cabinets or a door and a drawer and if you are really interested in the design you should be willing to give input when asked. Due to the limited number of options available in the lines of cabinets she was working with it may take some extra moves to try to find a combination of cabinets to fill a space. Did she suggest one of their other lines?

Yes they would be more expensive but would have had a far wider range of sizes and cabinet styles available. The program for the higher end cabinets is a much more advanced program and allows better placement of a wider range of cabinets.