Chicago, Illinois

I went to the Morton Grove Menards looking for some cabinets to purchase. I asked Lorena if I could get pricing information and delivery charges.

She clearing did not want to help me and tried pushing me off on another gentlemen. I asked to speak to a manager.Lorena replied "I am the manager". My daughter and I did not want to argue with her so we just walk out. I decided to write this letter.She has no idea how to be a manager.

I should off let her put me off on her co worker. Thank you Lorena for making that day horrible for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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There are any number of reasons you were turned over to someone else. A cabinet order can easily turn into an hour or two project.

Perhaps it was at the end of her shift and she was turning you over to someone with a longer shift. Being a manager they have several meetings each week they must attend and one of those was coming up. She may have been working on an estimate for another customer who went to another area of the store while she was working on their project.

It's much better to be turned over to someone who can give your project their full attention from the start than being turned over part way through. Pretty obvious you have never worked in retail or considered what is involved in a retail job.


Most of the department managers DON'T know how to be a manager. Their training stinks.

In our employee handbooks and in every test we have to take in order to get our lousy 10 cent an hour raise, it is drilled into the non-management employees that "Guest service and satisfaction is our number one priority." Our second priority is to know the products in the departments where we work." Its sad how often the department managers know less about their departments than the stock people do. If you ever have a problem with a department manager again--ask to speak to the store manager. If they're rude and aren't helpful---write to corporate!!! That is the only way to light a fire under these people's behinds.

If you don't get any satisfaction or reply then report the store to the better business bureau and your state's attorney general (I believe Lisa Madigan is your state's attorney).

You can do this on line or you can write both agencies a letter. The only way Menards is going to step up their game is if people start complaining to corporate headquarters.


If only we had known this sooner


All of these statments sound like they all work for menards. By defending a badly managed store they make customer service a joke and really need to look at it from the service side and not the back end of menards store managers.


To address the concerns of "Customers always right" and his/her contention that Menards employees are unskilled. Ridiculous.

Most likely, most of the managers there, and almost certainly Dept/Store make more money than you do, are required to multitask at a level you would not be able to deal with, and are subjected to stress that would likely break your simplistic, fairly unintelligent and obviously fragile psyche.

You couldn't handle working there, and wouldn't be invited to do so.

Believe me! :)

@Customer sometimes Wrong

I worked at Menard's for six years as early morning stock in hardware. Yes, these folks work you to death and they don't compensate you monetarily for it.

When we got a store manager that was a complete moron, I finally had enough and retired. I could put up with rudeness from guests, I could put up with the amount of work I was expected to accomplish in four hours a day. I could put up with being stuck out in the Garden Center in the freezing cold in winter and the blistering heat in summer (no heat or air-conditioning out there--or music) I could even put up with the fact that in my late 50's they expected me to put all the overstock up in the mega-racks even though some of the boxes weighed 40 lbs. a piece.

I could put up with all that and stay cheerful and helpful and even put in extra hours when asked, but I could not tolerate the store manager.

I could have cheerfully run him over in the parking lot. To call him an idiot would be an insult to all the idiots in the world.


Customers Always Right:

I love how ignorant people such as yourself assume that everyone working at Menards is uneducated. Many of the part-time employees (such as myself) are working there WHILE IN COLLEGE and management positions require a degree if being hired outside of the company.

Also, in hard economic times, many people who have degrees are applying for non-skilled jobs. So please get your facts straight before making yourself look like such an ***.


you are ridiciious. Maybe it was not her dept so she did not know how, or maybe she was new.

the kitchen design program is not easy to earn. you an ***/


There is a very positive side to this possibly saved yourself a lot of headaches down the road. I know.


I like how you are also known as "the lost customer. Learn how to spell.

You people come in and think your going to get an estamate in 15 min.

really it takes hours. Why dont you cry somewhere else.


*** customers like you are to blame for deteriorating service in stores across america. workers are sick of putting up with your b.s. shame on you!


I was also ignored by Lorena, she tried to push me off on another employee,who obivously helping someone else. I do not understand how she got her position. I understand the have a manager trainee program, but they put her in the wrong department, because she doesn't seem to have the knowledge that is needed to run the cabinet department.


Are the people who write responses friends of Lorena? Or are they Menards front office boot lickers?

One will never know.

In hard economic times people who have a job should be tankful that the customer even goes to Menards. For the uneducated Bozos who work at Menards if they didn't shop you would not have a non-skilled job.


What's your problem? Perhaps she was working on something for another customer.

Maybe it was the near the end of her shift and she was turning you over to someone who was working later. Estimating a kitchen isn't something that will be done in a few minutes.

You should have accepted her offer to let someone else assist you. It's you who lost in this situation.


Bill is sofa king we todd ed


get over it she was trying to put you with someone that knew more about that department DS


Why would you let one unsatisfying encounter turn your whole day to ***?