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I have four fans that were purchased at Menards with a three-year warranty and none of the oscillating features work on any of them anymore. The fans are out of stock and Im wondering what my options are.

Please have a customer service representative or warranty specialist contact me at 612-508-****. Thank you very much for your time.


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Minneapolis, MN 55445

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If you have a receipt then take the fans into a local Menards. They should be able to help you. Why log onto a 3rd party site?


The warranty is with the manufacturer, not Menards. You need to contact the manufacturer. Menards has nothing to do with anything.


That's right, Menards sole goal is to low ball suppliers and then resell to the public at retail price ( minus 11% store credit if your lucky). If the item is defective in any way tough ----!!

Call the company in China so you can pay to ship overseas to be serviced. Menards is just a middleman reseller between the manufacturer and the public.

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