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When you look at the Menards adds or go in the store to find a product look carefully. The large price posted might show a lower price than Lowes but read the fine print.

You have to mail in paperwork and wait for a rebate. Who wants to do that? I want a lower price now not in three to four weeks! If you do shop Menards take your smart phone and check the prices I did that and found lower prices everywhere but Menards.

The items they do have that no one else has looks cheap looks like it would not last long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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You guys should just shop somewhere else. We hate *** *** people like you anyways.

Go shop at home depot. Everyone wants something for free or cheap. The rebates are there for current menards customers.

If you shop there and only there the rebate system works great. Go *** off.


Wow! Read carefully?

Fine print? I hope you are kidding.

I have never been tricked into something I thought was a great price onlyto later find out it was that low because of a rebate. Before complaining maybe some of you should look in the mirror but that wouls mean taking responsibility for ones own actions

retail worker 123

Just like most people, you want everything for free. Menards offers rebates to their customers who are willing to do their homework to save money.

And if you did do your homework or READ things, you would not be surprised by rebates. The ads and signage are clearly marked so that complainers like you are informed.


:) yeah but i knew a guy that bought a washer and dryer by saving up all his rebates!


I tend to stay away from Menard's for exactly the reason you state. They have an awful lot of items that seem low until you notice there is a mail-in rebate involved.

I have had my fill of rebates and will not partake of such nonsense. The bottom line is you can usually find the same item somewhere else in town at the same low if not lower price---without the silly rebate.

I have taken to Lowe's of late. They have free delivery on appliances over $399, knowledgeable people who will actually be on the floor and willing to help(unlike Menard's) and comparable prices.