Livingston, New Jersey

My husband age 75 and i 70 were getting ceiling tile for our living room at Menards We ask one of the gentlemen who worked there where we could get a big cart to put the boxes on. He asked how many we were getting why we didn't put them in shopping cart.

We told him 8 so he said he would get us one. He did and then left never asked to help put boxes on cart or anything.

When we went through check out the lady was very nice and asked if we needed help to get them unloaded and I told her we loaded them by ourselves. Was very upset with the inconsiderate clerk not a way to get my business.

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How about you try serving yourself. Manners, sigh seriously you treat me well I will treat you well it's simple as that.

I've had one person approach me and asked me to get a cart and load up a 10lb item I did that and brought him the cart. Then he proceeded to stare at the cart for well over 60 seconds said nothing. I then said is there anything else.. HE GOES YEAH I CAN'T PUSH THE CART...

Who do you think is lacking manners. It's the freaking customer who comes in with the attitude I'm right about everything. Did'nt even try to push the cart which was nothing.. Just thought I would do everything for him because he can't help himself.

Americans should be taught to be more self reliant. Self entitlement BS they try to get away with is something else.


Heartless, your comment exemplifies all that has been lost with customer service in America. Not just customer service, but manners in general.


Really? Yes, sometimes we have to ask others for help.

Even people working in customer service are still only people.

The best thing to do at Menards is go stand in front of a desk at a department on the wrong side of the store from what you are wanting to purchase and wait for someone to come ask if they can help you and then have them walk accross the store with you to help you with your purchase, meanwhile there will only be people in their department waiting for asssitance since you are too much of an *** to approach the correct people. Or even better, just stand in the aisle and whistle at the team members who are at least forty feet away.


I have a suggestion, if you can't handle it DON'T BUY IT.


Did you ask? Maybe he was helping someone else and wanted to hurry back to them?


Did you ask? Maybe he was helping someone else and wanted to hurry back to them?