Owensboro, Kentucky

We had a lard tax return this year and decided to remodel our bathroom. Special ordered top of the line cabinets from Menards (2 vanity and 2 linen cabinets) spec on all literature dimensions were 21dx24wx84h.

I specifically ask associate if these were largest dimensions because I was going to frame walls and ceiling around these. Over the next 4 months I spent nearly $8000 on this project all at Menards. The day finally came were everything was done except setting cabinets. So I picked them up and brought them home and instead of 21dx24wx84h they are actually 23x24x85 1/2!!!!!!

They won't fit. I talked with sales ***., manager, general manager and they all said same thing. Sorry that our dimensions are wrong. We believe we told you incorrectly because whats what our dimensions say.

But since you bought these on the 11% rebate program we can't do anything for you.

So I am screwed and out $100's to redo everything I just did because their diamond ions are wrong. I am so furious but all they said is being them back and we won't charge you a restocking fee!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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It's not Menard's Fault and they offered you a full refund less the rebate you already received. Did you take the time to measure the floor model and check it against the specs?


Menard's sucks! Should be called "retards".

What a racket!!

Never going back to that store ever again.


Sounds like your complaint is misdirected. You went off the size in the literature provided by the manufacturer.

This was different than the size the manufacturer made the cabinet. Your complaint should be with the manufacturer rather than Menards.

They didn't build the cabinet to a different size, the manufacturer did. I'd file a claim with them, they provided the wrong dimension.


A 12 inch Sub at Subway typically comes out to 11.5 inches, but not always... Do you know the size of a 2x4 is?

it's not 2x4... Many of Menards shelving units list a certain size on it then come's out to be 1/2 shorter or a 1/2 longer... It varies. Many other items at Menards or other Home Improvement stores list a rough size not an exact size on all sorts of items.

Unless the store employee has it in front of them to measure all they can do is list the size that is giving to them. Anything special ordered requires a restocking fee if returned... Want to know why? BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR THE SHIPPING....

It cost money to send it to the store for you to just go and return it. It also covers for possibly sending it back if there is no room at the store for it.


jus cut the inch and a half off the toekick, problem solved


Sounds like an accident and they are giving you a full refund minus 11% (which you already were given in the form of a rebate). I'd be made at Briarwood for their false literature. Menards is doing really everything they can.