Lima, Ohio
Not resolved

First, I am not "pissed". Irritated yes.

The store is NOISY !! So called "music" and "advertising" is loud, obnoxious and irritating and relentless!!! I go in and get out as soon as possible even though I would actually like to browse casually.

And now when I submit a review about the situation I am REQUIRED that my "pissed consumer" be at least 80 words. Seriously?

I know not all managerial personnel are this out of touch with common sense. Have I reached my 80 word minimum yet? Apparently not. Lets keep going.

Are we there yet or is this yet another attempt to rid your business of customers?

Think about it people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is not a Menards website. It's a public forum to post complaints about all business/establishments.

The minimum word limit is in place to help people with lower intelligence formulate a understandable complaint. If you can't make the minimum requirement you don't have that strong of an argument in the first place!

When composing an argument you should provide as much detail as possible. It's your chance to win over an audience, you obviously failed.


This isn't a Menards sanctioned site. That's why there is a minimum. Menards doesn't have anything to do worn this site.