Bismarck, North Dakota
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5-6 weeks ago my wife and I were in the Bismarck ND Menard's. We were

shopping for a washer and dryer. We were told by the salesperson that

there was a rebate (in store) for both the washer and dryer. Imagine our

surprise when we only received one rebate, after calling the store manager

we were told that we needed to name the salesperson who helped us. No one

gave us a business card and their name was not on the sales receipt. When

we told him that we didn't remember, he said "then I can't help you". I

can't imagine that your company would condone such abhorrent behavior. The

customer service is awful and I have made sure to inform my family of how

we were treated and most have said they will shop at Lowe's instead. My

family had built a number of things with Menard's but we will be moving

on, its unbelievable that a salesperson would say that on his own just for

the commission and I feel the company probably tells them to do that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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Like murdered out said, if you received a picking list for the merchandise the salesman's name would be in the box at the top of the sheet. Also, as cashiers, we can check rebates on items before completing the transaction so if you would've just asked your cashier about it they could've checked and told you that there was only one rebate before you even paid.


When the store offers a rebate, at check out, I always double check with the cashier to make sure there is no mistake and that I will know what to do when I get home to receive that rebate. The last time one of the rebates doubled up with the same rebate and I could only use it once.

We cought it at the register and saved me from experianceing the same disappointment that you did. Seems to me that you are just as much to blame as anyone. Perhaps you are the one who misunderstood what the sales person was saying about the rebate.

I have always received my rebates though it would be nice if I received them alittle faster.

The service I have received was very good. They were patient with me when I didn't understand something.


Menards pays by the hour. Not commission.


The rebate form you filled out would have specified what was on rebate. It seems like you would have noticed a problem when you picked up the rebate form. Be a responsibe consumer and take time to read an understand the terms of a rebate when you make the purchase.


First off, the sales person isn't on commission. Second, unless you took the washer and dryer through the front of the store on a cart, which I doubt, there would be a name on the invoice.

It is possible there is a number on their if the sales person typed in the wrong number for his ID number, but something would be on it. I love how one mistake is all it takes for someone to "shop at Lowe's." Yet we will allow congress to screw us all the time and never change any of them.

There are worse things in the world than your $30 rebate. Grow up and set your priorities.