Elmhurst, Illinois
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I'm a contractor sent in customer on 4-08-09 at 8:30 p.m. look for strom door your manager to busy talking and kissing his girlfrend to help. His name Rayn. Then when I went in 4-09-09 1:00 p.m. he told me go some where else since I was herassing him. This happened matteson Ill. I don't need this let alone my customers. If this kind of service is what menards puts up with there are other stores just let me know so I can let my customers know. Some manager you have in the door department!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I work at Menards and one person out of how many employees are like this. I am not even in the same state but I can tell you that in COLUMBUS NE this does not happen.

We strive for good guest service. Its what keeps us alive. We can not please everyone..but its not because we didnt try :( That is retail. And if every person were happy there would be world peace.

This one incident does not speak for all.

I know that in my store it would not be tolerated. And from experience there are two sides to every story and I am sure there is more to it.


Wow, this is why I hate going to work sometime. These are the type of people I have to deal with and its my fault when I cant figure out that thing that fits inside that other thing.


haha, i actually laughed out loud when i read the part where the worker was "too busy kissing his girlfriend" to help. it put a pretty funny visual in my head. :grin


Does anyone else, besides Fella and myself, see the similarities between the number of people that get on here to spout their problems, and the number of people that can't put together a complete sentence?


what you say?? why you no speak good english?? you from the chinaland???