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We purchased a brand new whirlpool washer from Menards on March 17,2013. I felt confident, since 10 years ago I also purchased a whirlpool washer from Menards with no problem.

We had the washer for 8 days and the washer stopped working. We called Menards to see if we could get a replacement. But to our dismay we were informed we was 1 day late for returns out of the box. I said how would we know if it's working or not if it's not out of the box.

But anyway we had to call Whirlpool to see if they could troubleshoot with us. Immediately when we told them it wasn't spinning and the lid lock light would just keep blinking. She said it sounded like a glich. So they sent a repairman out on Thursday, he informs us the motor on this brand new washer is out.

And the control panel is burned out on this brand new unit we only got 8 loads of clothing out of. He said he has to order the parts, which would take at least a week. so we decided to go back to Menards to try and plead with them to let us exchange the unit, but after the front end manager Eric, informed the store manager Jonathan Whitelaw of what we wanted, he wouldn't even come out and speak with us. The customer service girls kept apologizing and saying he's sitting right there in his office, but he wouldn't come out.

So after waiting 30 minutes, we decided to talk to someone at corporate. They only had the appliance buyer to email us that he would try to get whirlpool to expedite service. No one ever addressed the issue that the manager wouldn't communicate with us. I hope they enjoyed all of the money we have spent with them in the past.

We had our entire kitchen cabinetry ordered from them. our bathroom, our fencing around our home, everything. We conveyed all of this to them. So since this is how they treat their customers I am really glad I work in a large grocery store, and I make sure I tell all of my customers don't get any major appliance from Menards, because it's obvious they get all of the defective products tha thas not passed inspection.

so they hope it last past 7 days so they can wash their hands.

So here it is april 3rd. We have spent $450.00 and still have no working washer.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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*30 days on major appliances

For manufacturer defects in these items, please call Lowe's Service Advantage hotline toll-free at 1-888-77-LOWES (56937) to set up a factory-certified service appointment in your home or for general assistance. If the repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it will be repaired at no cost to you. For repairs not covered under the manufacturer's warranty, repairs may be offered by the technician, but at your expense.


So you didn't understand the return policy and wanted to cry to someone until they went against it? Then when they didn't want to listen to you cry you're even more angry about it?

YOU'RE ENTITLED TO NO EXCHANGE. THE ISSUE IS WHIRLPOOLS and they were fixing it for you! The return policy is in place to protect Menards from people who abuse their equipment. Those policy are also recommend BY THE MANUFACTURE!

All pushed gas power equipment once gas has been put in it cannot be returned, this is a straight out recommendation from the manufactures! We even had a manufacture stop selling to us because we took too many returns on their items! Manufactures rather you deal with them than return anything.

They want to help you if it's a real issue, that was not caused by the consumer. You should be angry at whirlpool not Menards.


You are absolutely right. I agree with you 110%.

Since I didn't understand Menards 7 day policy on defective appliances. I am informing other customers that may not be aware also.

They can spend their money at Lowes or Home Depot who offer at least a 30 day return policy on major appliances. Thank you.


Why thank you so much Mrs.Informative. We are all so enlightened now by your return policy knowledge.

Whatever would we uninformed consumers do without you????? :roll :roll :roll


Well it is quite obvious that looking out for Menards is your life long job. Because you are really defending them you're not a true consumer.

Only a paid representative from Menards would even keep responding to my so called whining. So I'll say again to any real consumers to beware of Menards policies when making a major purchase. It has taught me a lesson. That is what this comment site is all about.

To help real consumers, not paid employees from Menards. Get a life and stop reading comments meant for real


We only made our comments to save someone else from going to Menards, who only give 7 days to return defective appliances. Unlike Lowes or Home Depot who gives at least 30 days.

But it's obvious you have some stock in Menards.

So carry on. :upset


Ummm nobody has stock in Menards. It's a privately held company.

So I could not care less.

Your incessant whining is annoying though. So *** If the return policy was so important to you then you should have gone elsewhere to start with.


You are too hostile over a situation that had nothing to do with you. Find peave within yourself. Even if you reply with another negative statement toward me or whoever put this complaint up I still have prayed for peace in your life.


Does he really have to come tell you the same thing you've been told 100 times already? Menards does not manufacture the appliance.

They are the middleman. Grow up and get over yourselves.

Whirlpool will fix it and you'll be fine. But keep crying about it & see if it will fix itself :cry :cry :cry


Yes, menards didn't manufacturer the washer....but you are right, it must be their fault it stopped working huh