Clermont, Florida

We ordered a shower for a remodeling project from Menards in Fort Wayne, IN in a custom color and were told by the sales associate that it would be in in about three weeks. We were led to believe that everything was set and we could expect it about then.

When we went to pick it up we were told it was never ordered because we didn't pay for it which apparently was required before ordering, although we were never told. We had already purchased a toilet in said matching color as well as a vanity top, paint and tile. After finding out that it wasn't ordered, we had to go with white because they couldn't get the original order rushed and we already had a contractor set to begin.

The store manager was pretty much unapologetic and unwilling to make it right with the new order of white. The sales staff which originally help, both times we were there prior to ordering it were very unknowledgable and lazy.

I should have known better than to trust anything that they told me. They seemed more interested in getting back to goofing off with each other than helping.

I will not be doing business with them again. They cost me a lot of money due to incopetence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Honestly I was just reading this complaint fo r the *** of it and its actually pretty funny. Who doesn't have common sense to know you have to at least put a deposit or pay for a custom item ahead of time?

Even if the employees are lazy, sounds like you are even more lazy than them in that you did not do your homework on their policy. You cost yourself alot of money, not them.


You have to pay for it first!!!


I will say it again too. Common sense says that you need to pay for something that is not stocked at the store in order to get it to the store.

Now, what exactly are you *** about? Maybe we all misunderstood you somehow?


appreciate the shoutout, YIWT!


but let's be real here. the guy is mad at us because we didn't ship a CUSTOM order even after he didn't pay for it? he says nobody told him. maybe he'd also get angry because nobody told him that he'd have to pay taxes on his purchase. this is as close to "self-evident knowledge" as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.

WHO, IN THE HISTORY OF RETAIL, ORDERS SPECIAL PRODUCT WITHOUT MONEY BEING HANDED OVER FIRST?? is this guy a first timer at this whole thing, or just ***? it would be a favor to menards if he never walked into another one of our stores again. probably'd cost us too much time and money for our troubles.

good riddance!


***. Had to get it out of the way early on this one, Fella.

You sir, are a ***.

If you walk away from the plumbing desk with the only copy of the paperwork after the guy says to take it to the register to place your order, then it is you who is incompetent. Who in their right mind would expect a retailer to order something custom without paying up front? Answer: A ***. Who expects the store manager to whip out his time machine and fix their own screw ups three weeks after they happen?

Answer: A ***. Have fun in your almost monchromatic (this word means all one color) bathroom, ***.

Too bad everything else is avacdo green and your shower is white. ***


If you were in a remodeling project, it wouldn't have been a surprise to know that you needed to purchase, or at the very least, place a deposit down, on a custom order. Menards special order contracts, one of which is sitting right in front of me, clearly states, "this quote becomes an order upon payment..."

The Menards person, was right, everything WAS set. Everything was ready. The unit would have arrived in 3 weeks. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS PAY FOR IT. YOU DIDN'T DO THAT. How many signs does Menards have to post saying, all custom orders require payment at the time of order. The contract was in your hands! The signs are posted everywhere.

I don't work at Menards. I don't work at any construction or related company. But, I do hate it when others post messages complaining about others, when it is themselves who fail to take any personal accountability for their own mistakes.

This isn't to say Menards employees are the most knowledgeable; however, they are no worse, nor better, than the employees at Home Depot or Lowes (at least in my area).

Why should Menards "make this right with you". You failed to read the contract, you failed to comply with the rules, and you failed to be personally accountable for your own actions. I notice nothing in your complaint is "your fault".

When will the world take ownership of their mistakes.