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Purchased 15 50 lbs of bags of Lime at the Menards on Meijer Drive. I loaded all the bags on the stock cart myself in the store and pushed the loaded cart the length of the store to the checkout, several hundred feet solo no big deal.

The checkout went well and I was asked if I needed help loading, after pushing 750 lbs thru the store I told the cashier that it would be appreciated, I was good to go but saw several male employees hanging out at the exit so I thought what the heck.

Once the cashier told one of the young male employees standing in the front of the store to give me hand in loading he glared at me and grabbed the cart, I helped him push it the whole 50 fifty feet to get outside the store. I told the guy just to wait and that I'll bring the truck up to the store front, which I did.

After we loaded the 15 bags of lime I thanked him, even though he only loaded around 3 bags and was about as useful as a urinal in the desert and just as charming, I mentioned that I hoped it didn't rain because the lime bags were in an open bed in the back of a pickup truck and this guy responded "I hope it does rain". Once I heard that I responded with "We could use some rain in your direction", he gave some weird messed up look and quickly walked away without saying a word.

Trying to be a Lazy Badass at Menards should not be a life's career goal dude. Not that it matters I had to go house to house in Ramadi and you cant even load 3 50lb bags lime, sad day to be an American .

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's kinda like this. Get a ticket and pull around and load it straight into your vehicle. 100 *** a day load too much on a cart, can't push it, then ask for help.


"We could use some rain in your direction" at which point he gave you a weird look and walked mean because you mumbled some gibberish that doesn't actually mean anything? Definitely a sad day to be an American, someone who claims to be completely capable of doing their own work themselves asks for work and then complains about the assistance they received.

You have to be someone who dislikes the Marines right?

No real Marine would intentionally post something that shows them to be this pathetic.


What exactly are you complaining about? The fact some random person wanted it to rain out?

Perhaps he wanted it to rain out because he likes the rain? You seem to think because you're a marine or a former marine you're the badass. You also come across as arrogant and judgemental. Why waste your time worrying about person you will never see again?

Why take the time to come onto the internet to cry about it? Is that what they taught you in the Marines when offended cry about it on the internet? There is nothing impressive about you. A real man would have told this individual straight up how it was instead of being passive aggressive about it.

"We could use some rain in your direction." COME ON MAN.......


Thank you for your service but come on dude. Maybe the guys family is farmers and they need the rain, maybe he mows lawns for extra cash, who knows.

To quote a great song, "where I come from, rain is a good thing."

Most marines and people in general that I know would have no problem loading a little material like that into their own pickup and politely decline the offer.

The fact that a perfectly fit and capable individual asks for assistance with something like this is irritating to employees who have plenty else to do, some are better at hiding their displeasure then others.

(Just so you know 15 bags of lime is nothing at Menards, if it was 150 like the last 4 customers probably had, or if you were a little old lady, not just somebody who acts like one, I guarantee they would be happy to help you.)