Columbus, Ohio
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I purchased a Lawn Devil. The self-propel stopped working on the first use.

I had to drive 45 minutes to a service center to get it fixed, drop it off, and pick it up the next day. 3 total hours driving to service this thing, because Menards wouldn't let me return the item because it is "serviceable". The second time using it after I got it back from being serviced...the front wheel BREAKS off. They still refuse to allow me to return the item.

Worst customer service throughout the whole issue.

I have attempted to contact the store, managers, different stores, write to corporate, nobody cares and nothing will change. D+ rating on the Better Bureau Business website, 592 complaints, can they PLEASE go out of business?!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Nobody is going to care because at some POINT THE CONSUMER needs to take responsibility for their purchase choice. Educate yourself on the return policy before you make a major purchase!

It's posted all over the area by the mowers, on your receipt, at the return desk and finally on the Menards website. The manufacture is the one responsible for how items are returned after all they made it. Menards is just the middle man. AND ONCE AGAIN THE SELF PROPELLED FEATURE ON THE LAWN DEVIL HAS A SIMPLE FIX, all you need to do is contact the manufacture and they will guide you to correcting the issue.

Everyone in the Hardware department was notified of the issue and it's simple as tightening a nut. However, may I ask a question why did you choose to purchase the cheapest self propelled mower Menards offered?

And I when I mean cheapest I mean by around 200 dollars cheaper than the others? THAT'S THE FIRST HINT, IT'S JUNK!


I forgot to mention that menards had a F rating with the bbb so getting a rasie up to a D+ is something the whole company is proud of


Hey fakeshark! It obvious who the real shark is and the fake one and you're the fake one so just stop trying.

The BBB has no power and their rating system means nothing. It has no value unless you give it value. Most consumers don't care about it they still shop at Menards. It's very similar to this complaint forum, it has no value.

It's just a place where the ignorant converge to rant about something they don't fully understand. It's very rare there is a complaint on this website that really warrants a complaint, the odds are like 1 out of 100.


If you learn to read it prints on your reciept once you put gas in it it is never returnable. Not menards fault you purchased it and decided to put gas in it before returning it.

It's up to you to repair it you could of easily read the return policy before purchasing and you choose not to. Your fault.

@Finding dumb***es

So lets see-I buy a mower, and go to use it for the first time-and of course in order to mow, I will need to put gas in it.

Then the self propelled quits working-so how is the consumer's fault??

You must be a Menards flunky Finding ***


Once gas is in it, it is "used" and not returnable. They have no way of knowing if it was the first use, or second or you used bad gas, but those things don't matter. It is under warranty and you need to go through those channels


Yet another consumer that can't understand how a warranty works. The manufacturer stipulates what happens if a product has a defect.

In the case of a lawn mower the manufacturer's warranty calls for repair of the product, not replacement. In most cases the manufacturer will reimburse a store for products returned with a defect. This is not the case for lawn mowers. That is the reason they will not accept returns on mowers.

They have signs posted letting you know that. If you don't agree with that policy you shouldn't have purchased the mower there.

You have only yourself to blame for the situation you are experiencing. Time to take responsibility for your own actions.

@The truth

So the real story here is-don't buy lawnmowers from Mendards-then why do they still sell them?

Maybe we should take out a big ad to tell Menards to quit selling lawnmowers because once you put gas in them, they can't be returned...So if i don't put gas in the lawnmower, I can still take it back? But then we wouldn't know if it was defective or not.

Is Menards now paying people like the truth and *** to come on these forums and defend them?

It would be better to help the customer instead of *** like these two to come to Menard's defense.


It's not just Menards who has these types of policies. The reason is that 90% of the problems with lawn mowers are caused by the consumers and the manufacturers won't reimburse claims for items that aren't truly defective.

About the only way to get around this is by staying away from the big box stores and going to a small dealer who will have put oil and fresh gas in the engine and will demonstrate how to start the mower and show you how it works before you leave their shop. That way you know you have a working mower. Way too many people buy the mower at a big box store, run home and put stale gas in a brand new mower and it won't start or run properly. These are the same people that won't spend the extra dollars that a dealer will charge for the mower because of the expense involved in setting up the mower and time involved in showing them how to use the mower.

As a consumer it is your responsibility to understand the warranties and return policies before you make a purchase.

If you choose to spend less at a store that doesn't service the product that is your choice. Just don't complain about it when you have a problem.