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I purchased three Brute lawn mowers made by Briggs and Stratton; one for my home and two to be placed at two different rental properties . Two did not start at all, and Menards would not return them because I had already had put gasoline in them , even though they had been purchased just days earlier.

I'm not really sure how else to start them without gasoline. (Insert sarcasm). I'm stuck with one that does not start. I ended up just giving the second one to somebody who had it repaired for $50, which I should not have to do if it had not yet been used at all.

And the third one struggles through The entire process of mowing. Needless to say, I would never buy another Briggs & Stratton product. Very very poor quality.

I'm stuck with one that doesn't work . I gave one away, and one definitely won't make it through the entire spring and summer season .

Product or Service Mentioned: Briggs And Stratton Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Who do you think anonymous is? John Menard?

What a Bozo.

He has an arrogant *** comment for everything. It's like he is the one that is providing all of the bad service and then tries to defend it


Bill, why don't you think this one through. No it's not John Menard posting, just someone that knows a little bit about small engines.

What do you think the chances are that 3 mowers bought at the same time will be defective. It's much more likely that the gas put into the mowers came from the same can and it was't fresh.

Stale gas is a leading cause for small engines not running properly. Do a little research if you don't believe me.


You should be complaining on Briggs and Straton board not Menards. smh


Hmmmm...three mowers that don't work properly. I'll bet it has something to do with the gas you used.

Was it gas that had been sitting around since last year? Go out and buy some fresh gas. Find a station that sells it without ethanol. Add stabilizer to it.

The ethanol will absorb moisture overtime and cause poor operation or the engine to not even run. You will have to empty the tank and carb on the mower before putting the new gas in. Another clue that bad gas was the problem is that there was a charge to fix the mower that didn't work. If it was a problem with the engine it would have been repaired under warranty at no charge.

More than likely the service center changed the gas and it started right off. Using poor fuel is not covered by the warranty. The reason manufactures put a repair warranty on their products rather than allowing store to take them back is that too many people can't follow instructions. These would include putting oil in the engine and using fresh fuel.

What do you plan on buying for engines?

Briggs makes some of the most dependable small engines out there. More and more manufacturers are using engines made in China which can be a nightmare to repair...easier to throw them away.


thank you for this. I am in the market for a new lawn mower and wasn't sure what to buy. I think I will go out and buy the briggs and stratton now