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I attempted to return a Lawn Devil self propelled mower to Menards when it stopped being self propelled after only using it four times. I was told I had to take it to a shop 25 miles from my home to have it either fixed under warranty or determined to be the junk it is.

I did as I was asked and after more than two weeks got a call saying it is fixed and I owe $62 as the problem was "dirt" and isn't covered under warranty. I asked if it should be used inside if it can't get dirty.

I called menards and spoke to three different people all who couldn't do anything since I put gas in it. So I guess if you buy a mower from Menards you can't put gas in it to find out if it's junk, you can't get it dirty, and the warranty doesn't cover what you need fixed and menards can't help you!

Monetary Loss: $291.

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I had same problem. Menards doesn’t cover anything after starting it.

How are you supposed to know if it even works? Never buy anything with an engine. The shearing pin keep breaking. I had to fib it, and fix it and four more time I fixed it.

Now a brand new one sits. JUNK


OUTRAGEOUS SERVICE! Next time, cancel your credit card charges and make your LAZY bank fight for you!!

@Chicago Consumer

You did notice this is a post from June of 2014, over 4 years ago right?


never buy any lawn devil mowers !!!! they are junk and service parts are worse yet!

you are an absolute fool if you buy any powersmart products. shame on Menards for featuring these as their favorite brand. all powersmart junk comes from china.

trash heaps! i have serviced mowers 15 years none worse.


But how much did you enjoy the soup and nuts that you bought along with your lawnmower purchase? Chips?

Jerky? Raisin Bran?


Had the same problem in first use ! Menards wouldn't take it back even though we had it home for only 1 hour ,forced us to bring it in for repairs.

Now after 5 uses the wheels are falling off ! Menards sells Junk !!


thats funny my tire broke the brackets for wheels bent after a couple useages


My front right wheel broke yesterday too, half way through mowing, of course. Not only did I get the run around from Menards, the local authorized dealer didn't have parts or even a price for a replacement wheel.

I had to buy a generic replacement "steel" wheel,(wasn't going plastic again) cost $11 to fix. I did have to make a spacer so the wheel fit right.

Does anyone else have the problem of it cutting to low? Is there a adjustment that I can make other than the lever?


M y lawn devil lawn mower self propelled feature stopped working after just 5 cuttings. Menards would do nothing for me.

The wausaw wi store just said its my problem .

Never buy a lawn mower from menards again . I am telling everyone who will listen to not buy from Menards.


Mine broke off at the front axle and left front wheel...less than 2 years old. For a lawn mower it is a P.O.S. Toro was tons better


You get exactly what you pay for. When you buy cheap junk made in China for the low price you shouldn't expect a quality product. Mowers like Toro cost more but you'll get a mower that lasts.


The right front wheel broke off today. I was already pretty pissed off because the self-propel stopped working after 3 months.

Bought a new wheel, started cutting the lawn yet again and 1/2 hour later the left wheel broke off. Of course Menards is absolutely no help at all. Wose piece of *** I have ever bought. Wish I could afford a new lawn mower but can't at this time, being a single parent, money is tight.

Thought when I bought this lawn mower last year I was getting a good deal. Worse decision I've ever made.


Bought a walk behind self propelled lawn mower from menards. Front right plastic tire broke after 1 summer.

Lawn Devil is junk. Of course menards is of no help at all.

Irritated with menards for not backing a product they sell. Even more unhappy with a company that sells junk.


I bought my Lawn Devil at Menards. I'm not complaining about Menards, however I am disappointed in their product.

Just like everyone else had mentioned mine is falling apart, It literally falls apart. The handle fell off, the hub caps are falling off one by one. Honestly I turn around and there is a trail of mower pieces spread across my backyard. And did I mention that the self propelled does not work properly either?

As I am a single parent and I can't afford to keep purchasing mowers. Lawn DEVIL lives up to it's name, DEVIL.


Sounds like menards does not stand behind their products, huh imagine that.


Wow it's amazing that everyone that bought this mower lost the self propel after only a few uses. I want to join the rest of you with the exact same problem. What a piece of junk.


I didn't bother complaining,I did look on here for a pdf.file, was trying to figure out how to tighten belt.But yes,it didn't pull itself after the 3rd use.I wouldn't buy another Lawn Devil.It's also heavy to push.Yeah, I'm pushing my mower and I'm not happy about it.It does still run, if anything good can be said. Thanks, No DON'T BUY A LAWN DEVIL !


I have the same problem after about the same times using it. That really sucks, I was looking to see if it is something I can fix myself.

I'm looking online now, maybe in youtube I an find the answer. I hate to spend any more money on it then I have to.

I'm glad I'm not the only one getting screwed out there, if it wasn't for bad luck, I swear I'd have none at all!!!!


Oh yeah I had the wheel come off a few times to, I forgot about that. It was the lowest priced self propelled mower and now I know why, and it still wasn't that cheap.

I'm starting to wonder who sucks more, Menards or Home Depot. They sold me a riding lawn tractor and set me up to get a snow blower for it, and then after 3 weeks I finally called to see what happened to my blower, it hasn't showed up yet, they tell me it cancelled cuz it's on backorder. I was so pissed that no one could give me a freaken phone call. They said they sent me an email, well, my computer was down so I never got it.

To make matters worse, I found a snow blower for it and paid like $100.00 more then the price I was getting it for originally and no one said anything to me about weights or chains, so, it was totally useless to me seeing as my driveway is on a big hill. I was finally able to get chains for it online. I'm praying that solves my problem for next winter, or that we don't have another *** winter as we did last year. I don't think Lowes is all that great either.

I'm just glad that I'm not the only one, sorry we all got screwed.


I purchased the same piece of junk and got the exact same story. I absolutely hate this mower and I cannot stand the fact that I spent so much money on it!

My wheel has fallen off twice in just 3 months, and the first time it sat in the shop getting fixed for an entire month. So I've really only used it 4-5 times total and had the wheel fall off twice!

I called Menards and they completely blew me off. They didn't want to deal with me at all.