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I paid my bill online 1 day late. The total of the bill was $32.45 and because it was 1 day late, I recieved a $30 late fee.

Since I am a good customer since about 1994, I figured it would be no problem for them to waive this fee. They refused because 1 other time in the last 15 monthes I had been late again by 1 day. I know being on time is important, but this is crazy. I've built a 6 car cedar sided garage and 2 large steel buildings using Menards plans and materials, not to mention remodeled several properties using Menards.

What's more, I have plans for 2 more buildings this spring. Menards will not be seeing this business thanks to Jasmine in customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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For those that are arguing that it is his fault. HSBC was fired by Menards as they were mailing the bills after the due date regularly.

For those that pay the bill when on the day it arrives in the mail it was already late. #YOURFIRED


I'm surprised that I read so many complaint about late fees here as YOU are the one paying your bill late!!! DON'T blame Menards for YOU not taking care of your obligations!

Doesn't matter who the financing bank for the Menards card is as YOU still have to PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME and QUIT YOUR WHINING!!!!

I'm sure Menards appreciate you being a long time customer but DON'T use that as some

"extorsion" excuse to pay your bills late without having to pay late fees.

I'm sure that you complainers have a well tainted "pay your bills on time" record when going online whining about "shouldn't have to pay" late fees when you are guilty as sin for being late on your payments!

Get in control of your bad habits of paying late and you won't have to go online and complain when YOU are wrong by paying bills late!!!


I had an incident with the late fee as well three years ago. I received my statement and noted the due date.

I usually pay online so I waited until closer to the due date to set up payment. Two days before due date, I went to the site to initiate payment. On the site they said payments can only set up two days in advance of date you want to pay. No problem as due date was two days away.

Sorry, PROBLEM! They wouldn't allow me to set up the payment because, although the due date was scheduled as a Sunday, Menards doesn't accept payments to be set up for days on a weekend! THEN WHY SET UP A DUE DATE FOR A WEEKEND!

I ended up paying the late fee since, like others, they wouldn't forgive this one and only late payment. Never been back.


:( I just received a 39.00 late fee bill. I can't believe it?

I never even received a statement telling me what I owed them.

It wasn't even 20 days old. I won't be spending any more of my money there.


The late fee is your own doings. I will say that HBSC is the very worst finance company I have ever dealt with.

I too have experienced the 1-day late fee and the "overseas agent" was unsympathetic to my excuse or the amount I'd spent at Menards in the past. I paid it and discontinued doing business with HBSC.



Theres nothing wrong with hsbc people that cant read the due date on a bill are the problem!!!!


I think Menards is a wonderful place to shop.Rules are rules and especially if you are late on more than one should pay a fee. I too, have spent thousands of dollars at Menards and always been treated fairly.

Ever think that maybe it was the attitude that you had when you had a problem?

A smile begets a smile. Quit complaining so is too short.


At least he has bills, unlike Menard employees! I do, however, find it VERY ANNOYING that customers ALWAYS use "I spent over $3,000 here this year and should be able to bend the rules however I want to...

Whaa Whaaaa." If you had not been so *** cheap in the first place, you would have gotten better materials AND SERVICE for $5,000 at somewhere other than Menards. Hey, you shop Menards whad'ya expect?


I think its funny that you complain about a late fee when its your fault that you paid your bill late. Lets sit here and bash Menards when they did nothing to you.

HSBC is the credit company that you got the BIG Card through not Menards. Next time pay your bill on time and do some research on which company you are really pissed about, HSBC.


That's right - don't buy from Menards anymore. Find someone else willing to let you be late on your payments. :cry


Take a look at your credit card agreement. Menards does not issue credit.

Your account is owned by HSBC. Menards does not set their credit policies.

Your complaint is with HSBC, not Menards. Pay your bills on time and you wouldn't have this problem.


why didnt you just pay it on time then. you should know that credit card com are crooks any way so i would stop *** about it and pay the 30.


Menards you really need to reconsider the card company you do business with.

The complaints are not good. Perhaps the economy is better than the empty parking lot in Antioch.

Home Depot or lowes is a better choice any way.

I have to agree that if the company like menards has no respect for its customers the over all satisfaction of customers is the key and if you don't want the customers satisfied and don't want the customer coming back after spending more than $200,000 with you in the past 15 years for $30 I think you should reconsider your choice to do business with such a shister co. as this.


HSBC runs the Big card and HSBC sucks as a corporation. Menards has no control over the billing on their card. Don't ever use HSBC the other card I had from them was even worse then that.