Fort Dodge, Iowa

recently my husband i and were so excited to buy a new front door for our home, our choice to purchase from menards in fort dodge, ia. picked out the one we wanted and waited several weeks, very understandable.

door came in my husband and buddy insulted it, fit perfect, until we went to put the deadbolt and knobs on. the holes were drilled wrong from the company. we right away went to menards, were told to do paperwork, which we did, now still after 3 weeks, we still dont have a door we can open, which means.... getting the paper, opening to friends and visitors, letting dogs outside, we love the door, but dont get why something like this isnt more of a priority for a customer.

we do all our business with the local menards and have always been very happy.

not now!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Menards sells defective mastercraft doors. I purchased a special order mastercraft and believe me NEVER AGAIN!

Mastercraft makes inferior doors. Installed the door and it leaked from day1.

Homeowner was furious, Menards passed the buck to mastercraft, absolutely NO service from either of them. I will never consider selling or installing another mastercraft door or .


What would you like Meanrds to do? This is clearly a manufacture issue the people at the store can only do so much....

"Insulted," you can't be serious you must have meant installed..... Insulted means speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.

That was probably the problem anyways they insulted the door instead of installing it..... Once a door is insulted it will not allow you to install it correctly.