Saint Peters, Missouri

Visited Menards for the first time today. I found items with no price and no one around to help.

I walked up front to the checkout to ask for help with prices. Waited about 10 min. for someone to show up who did not know the price of what I was looking at. He said he would have to go inside and look it up returning 5 min.

later. Total of near 20 min. for one price.

Un-like Lowes and Home Depot at Menards you have to bag your purchases and un-like Lowes and Home Depot they do not offer a Military discount.

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You have to bag your own purchases? Such a hard life you live...


Your post alone show how people exaggerate the time they wait. Reading your post you waited 10 minutes for someone to show up and another 5 for them to get the price.

A total of 15 minutes, however you claim a total wait of 20 minutes, a 25% exaggeration in your post alone. I doubt the 10 and 5 minute wait are accurate either.

You also are unreasonable in expecting a person to know the stock number and price on thousands of items. The bar code had obviously fallen off and they needed to go look the item up.


lack of service is an understatement! This place Menards is nothing more than a Chinese outlet store ran by robots who are in fear of losing their jobs if store manager doesn't think your making money for the store.


If you like Home Depot and Lowes so much better, simply shop at those places. You must have gone to Menards for a reason and if you were dissatisfied don't go again, Quit your b****** and grow up!!!!


We bought a power washer that didn't work out of the box. Returned it to Menards and were told they couldn't take back a gas powered purchase.

We had to take it 60 miles away for warranty work when it never worked. Buyer beware.


I think you're full of it