Council Bluffs, Iowa
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I like shopping at Menards, seems lately there are never any motorized carts available at the front door. There is a Home Depot visible from the front door, and they have at least 3 carts.

I have complained to salespeople and the main desk and they say that 1 cart is ALL they can get from the headquarters. I have MS and it very hard getting around by foot.

I can't see why us BABY BOOMERS don't get ease of shopping like walmart and all the grocery stores have in town. If I need any woodworking tools I guess I will start using Home Depot or Lowes

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I actually work at the Council Bluffs, Menards. Besides the motorized vehicle we actually have two wheelchairs.

They are never all being used, if you have problems with your arms. An employee will push you around. I have done it 4 times now. We have great service when it comes to helping the disabled.

If there is no motorized cart. We can take your name and if you cart is returned soon after, we can page you back to the front office to use it. Motorized vehicles are for your convenience, they are not store policy to even have one. If it is needed that badly, I see Hover-rounds are a fairly good deal.

If you want to bring up Lowes and Home Depot. That HD has horrible service, and rarely has a full parking lot.

And the nearest Lowes, is twenty minutes away. So good luck.


Quit the complaining and buy your own *** cart.


If you'd get off, we'd quit complaining.


Only lazy people use those carts... If you really need a cart that badly BUY YOUR OWN!!!!!


you say only lazy people? what about the old man that comes in on a regular basis that can't afford to buy a cart for hiself & would like assistance.

or the elderly woman with the breathing tube down her throat. or the mom with the broken leg who needs to do some shopping for her kids at home & wouodn like the convenience of a motorized cart. yes, some people are lazy.

but c'mon. i hope you need assistance like that someday


Seriously,how many times do we have to go down this road?? If you need a cart to get around,BUY YOUR OWN CART!!! How do you get around the rest of the planet when you're not at Menards????


What an ignorant statement! There are businesses (called competition) that offer these carts as a courtesy to customers.

They recognize that some customers are elderly or handicapped and can't easily navigate the typical BIG BOX store without issue.

These stores have a large foot-print and can easily tax an older person who may have certain health issues. If the competition has them, why wouldn't a customer expect Menards to? You're obviously in great shape at this point in your life, so you see it as complaining....

you'll think otherwise when you become elderly or sick.