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They have TWO mobilized carts for the whole store here on Jefferson St in Joliet .Im handicapped and and 9 out of 10 times there isn't one ..we matter too..I'm begging you to get more ..they are needed ..or home depot will be my new spot

User's recommendation: Don't come if you need a mobilized cart ..they only have two ..your chances of getting one are slim to none.

Preferred solution: Get more mobilized carts .

Menards Cons: Only two mobiled carts.

Location: 2524 West Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60435

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If you really need one have you contacted your insurance company or medicare to see if they will provide one for you?


Or just take your business to a retail store that provides more then 2 scooters for a property of over 200,000 square feet. The most powerful way a consumer can vote is with their wallet, just ask K Mart, sears, shopko, toys r us, circuit city, Payless shoes, bon ton company, borders books, pier one, or any other retailer out of business. If you are rude to the people who provide your paycheck you will find yourself going under as well.


Menards has more than likely made the business decision that it is less expensive for them to loose a few customers with disabilities than it is to purchase and maintain scooters. Can't say that I've seen a lot of scooters at Home Depot by if they have more there for you feel free to take your business there.


Lose a few customers due to minimal electric carts provided, lose a few more who are unable to wear a face mask due to dr note in their possession, lose a few more due to people frustrated over 6 month lead-time for "rebates", lose a few more due to staffing who walk away at the speed of light when a customer politely walks up to them and says "sir ?" , lose a few more due to customers frustrated having to load 30 bags of concrete into their vehicle while 3 employees lean against the lumber shed 30 feet away playing pocket pool and smoking. Sooner or later losing a few customers here and few more there will eventually run dry of customers and the store will go under. The staff might find it funny to parody a customer with a disability behind their back, or yell at a customer from 30 feet away because they string on their face mask broke but soon or later the pool of customers is eventually going to run dry

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