Mount Pleasant, Michigan
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Myself and my 95 year old mom came into Menards to buy a rug and a medicine cabinet we were told that someone would be right over almost an half hour latter I stopped someone else and he helped with the medicine cabinet. Then he went to find out if there was anymore he came back with another employee and that one pointed it out and walk away the first one put it on a cart and left So that left me pushing my mom in a wheel chair and pulling the cart behind me,after we payed for it I had to leave my mom in the store while i pushed the cart out to the car just out side the door everything fell off and after I managed to get everything back on it and went to pull it I hit the side of my foot.

I then loaded the medicine cabinet which was heavy.

It made my hole trip bad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Life is rough. If you're clearly aware it's Black Friday, then you know they are busy.

Why go out if it's not necessary? That's your own fault. As for pushing the cart out, they have the courtesy patrol for a reason.

All you have to do is ask, simple. People like you shouldn't leave your house without supervision...


Black Friday isn't a day to be shopping if you need a lot of assistance. As the items you were buying weren't hot black Friday sales items it would have made a lot more sense to shop for them on another day.

With stores packed with people on Black Friday the salespeople are getting pulled every which way and quite frankly don't have a lot of time to give to any one customer. I take it you have never worked a retail job and didn't make it to a black Friday if you did.