Cicero, Illinois
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I brought a Workforce THD250 Tile Wet/Dry Saw for $99.99 several years ago from Menards. This saw requires a Diamond Blade 4-3/8 in X 3/4 in arbor, which nobody in United States carries.

Menards, Brad Talmage, Tile Saw Buyer comments are as follows "Unfortunately, our 4” diamond saw blades fit a 5/8” arbor and we do not carry a diamond blade for a ¾” arbor. We appreciate your business.

Thank you for shopping at Menards!" Customer Service Does not exist at Menards, they are telling me basically that I was stupid to shop at Menards. They published an ad featuring this saw, in order to draw customers into their store, they carelessly purchased a large lot of these saws and then unloaded them on unsuspecting customers.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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There is your blade. It's got a washer to make it 3/4".


That's exactly how Menards functions on great priced items. Employees know that but cannot do anything about it, but they will direct you to a better product if your willing to pay the price.

Crazy Day Sales, Black Friday Sales, other amazing deals they are all special buy items that are junk. They buy a huge quantity and sell it extremely cheap, then when it's out they never carry it again. However, I bet you would ignore the regularly stocked items because they're more expensive. When shopping at Menards just ask someone if the item is a regularly stocked unit or a special buy they will direct you to the right thing to purchase.

I've seen Menards bring in new products for it to be discontinued two weeks later. Menards is always looking for a great bulk deal they can sell out of right away and never carry it again. Wal-mart rejected a bunch of Stanly power tools, Menards quickly grabbed them up for an extremely great deal. They listed the unit price on most these Stanly power tools at around 125-200 dollars and marked them all down to 79.99.

Menards will be unable to help with any issues that arise with them, but hey Menards made a great amount of money. Be a savoy consumer not a clueless one who goes oh great price I must buy it.


You are exactly right. If the price is extremely low there is usually a reason for it.


Your ***. Shouldn't have bought it.