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On June 14 2014 I ordered a faucet on line. We are out in the country and there is very little in the way of selection around here. The faucet we paid for was for over $100.00. Due to high salt in the water the faucet was leaking onto the kitchen counter. Rather than turn the water off and on we have piled on towels to protect the Formica.

Anyway we immediately hear from Menards and they say the order is in process. They send us an Menards rebate attachment that we have to print out ourselves.

Days pass. Nothing arrives. We finally get a notification that the faucet will be shipped on the 20th --- six days after the order. I was astonished at the slow handling of the order. I email customer service. Menards informs me the faucet isn't even in stock.

Well, apparently Menards doesn't want to lose business when they have a back order so they hide it.

Anyone buying on line should keep this in mind. Don't count on Menards to be honest and tell you when they are out of stock. The item you think you are buying may not even be purchased yet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Regarding the faucet I ordered in June 2014, when the estimated shipping date was past, I had to contacted the vendor and informed them that the order was cancelled by us. I also contacted Menards who then wrote back that I was stuck with the order -- apparently no matter how long it was going to take.....

and they didn't think I could cancel since they had placed the order with the vendor. Apparently Menards is just a middle man on line with no inventory of their own. You even have to do all the communicating with the vendor!!!!! For this "do nothing" position they take a cut.

I would strongly recommend to anyone not to do business with Menard's online. I fully intend to take this bullying up with my credit card company and refuse any later shipment.


the products coming from india is the worst products they make ..