Minot, North Dakota

ordered cabinets for 2 of my floodes homes and cabinets came different from order had to reorder 4 more to correct your error to a cost of over 40.00 dollars I feel I should receive an adjustment ed bjork store 3113 i had to order 2 different times to correct this as my contractor tried to adjust your errors I had to order i extra top and 4 extra bases to try and fix the error This was not a error of your sales person but in shipping the wrong pieces i received 3 sinks which must be wrong aS ONLY 2 HOUSES RD BJORK

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Your post is hard to read. I can understand why it was hard for a salesperson to understand what you wanted. No wonder you got the wrong things.


Woodbridge Cabinets is a brand owned by Elkay Mfg, which also owns the Medallion Cabinets brand. They are manufactured in Aurora, Colorado and after receiving them I can say they have got to be the worst excuse for cabinets or products i have ever experienced.

They have absolutely no quality control, from finishes, exposed nails on finished sides, plentiful chips and scratches, particle board instead of the claimed plywood construction, rails they were not attached and drawer fronts falling off. There were too many rejects to list.

They were returned an dpurchased anothe brand NOT OWNED BY ELKAY. Rather pathetic.


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