Aberdeen, South Dakota
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I just drove 60 miles to buy a brass kick plate from meynards..I found a schlage brand kick plate. good american company I thought..

I can trust Schlage even though I know better than to trust Meynards Quality.. got home and it says bright brass but it is brass colored aluminum. No where on the package does it say aluminum..it says bright brass.

I called schlage and they said the code number has an " a " in it and that means brass colored aluminum..Who knew? They must have learned from China how to market sub quality..and it worked..No more schlage and no more Meynards for me or my buildings.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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retail worker 123

So many of you found this sight to complain about Menards but many of you cannot even spell it. How in the heck did you ever find this site to begin with?


its not menard's fault. it's the manufacturer of the product who isn't labeling the product as "brass colored aluminum"


Yeah, BB is just the COLOR, not the material. Why are you blaming Menards for being dumb? I'm glad though, one less unintelligent guest that we have to put up with.


Why are you blaming Menard's? Schlage is the company that is producing their products in China.

Why is this? Consumers don't want to pay the prices for products produced in the US. You can still find quality made in the USA products if you are willing to pay a little more.

Look for the Made is USA products and be willing to pay a little extra to support an American worker. We need to buy more US made products and get our people back to work.