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I had three keys made at the Monona, WI store. I was surprised to see that they had a machine to do it not actual people.

So I tried the machine. Turns out it made three flawed copies. So, trip back to Menards, but hey, mistakes happen. On my return trip to the customer service counter I was greeted by a completely emotionless employee who promptly referred me to another bored employee.

After talking to three people, I finally got a manage. The manager told me gruffly they don't have anything to do with the key machine. If I wanted new copies I had to deal with the people who sold them the machine. They suggested I call an 800 number, then stomped off.

All this for $6.00 worth of keys? So I left gave them the keys and walked out. From there I went to over to Walmart where I had a completely different experience. I was greeted warmly at the door directed to a couple of very fun African American ladies in automotive who laughed with me about Menards and visited with me about my grand kids.

While I was there I got a bunch of other things that I needed. On the way out the greeter again asked me if I got my keys, thanked me for shopping with them, and wished me a great day. Next time I need hardware, guess where I am going?

When I got home I started reading all the bad reviews on Menards. Wow, how do those guys stay in business?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hey thanks for actually having concise, readable review first of all. It seems that most of the people with any complaint, legimate or not, are borderline mentally handicapped by the way they conduct themselves on this site and it shows in their attitudes expressed in their experiences.

It seems you have a legimate issue, and unfortunately what you have written is just more evidence of the push in retail to refocus human resources away from even basic customer service and towards more "efficient" uses of manpower as MrSharkNasty alludes to. I find your experience in particular ironic as the department where the key machines are (well, were) located, Millwork, used to indeed be in charge of making keys for the customers. That policy changed to "just let them fumble about with it themselves" while I was still working there a few years ago, and that's quite an odd way to save a buck. At least you took the proper action: just refuse them your business from now on.

It won't hurt Menards because there are always more idiots willing to buy *** items for cheap than sensible consumers who walk away, but at least you have saved yourself the stress on your end! By the way, that's exactly how they stay in business to answer your question: they have the cheapest quality products around, and idiots don't care so long as it appeals to their mentality of saving even a small amount of money is always better than not being screwed!

And the reality is there are many more idiots easily seperated from their money than consumers with competent thought processes, so it's quite the profitable venture for Menards even if they didn't have repeat business. I don't agree with customers holding expectations of employee attitudes at all, but hey, if that's something important to you then all the best since it seems to have made your experience better at Wal-Mart.


Honestly you got that response because they're tired of hearing about it from bad customers. You want good service?

Here is a pro-tip be a GOOD CONSUMER! Educate yourself on store policies! Treat people the way you want to be treated! Don't stomp your feet like a child to get your way!

Realize you're dealing with a human being working a miserable job for miserable pay. Stop acting a fool and listen to what they are actually saying! Corporate made the decision to bring in these automated machine, not the employees! They did this because like others have said it's more profitable to rent out space for a machine.

Cutting keys never generated revenue for Menards. A typical duplicated key runs around $1.50 there is zero room for any real profit. It was just a service they provided because it was expected in such a setting. Now they're making a real profit while still providing the service.

Now let's get onto the part about Walmart, LOL HAHAHA. You claim Menards has a lot of complaints? Well guess what Walmart is the second most complained about company on this website with 5,201 reviews........ Menards has 1,483.

Once you understand big box retail you will have less to complaints about it.

Taking your business to another big box store is comical, they're all the same. You're only going to find real service at a locally owned ma and pa shop who will charge you triple what a big box store will.


Your pleasure with Wal-mart won't last long. Was-marts across the river in the Twin Cities are switching to the same Minute Key machines that Menards has.

It just isn't profitable for stores to have their people cutting keys. They make far more money by having their employees selling or stocking shelves.

You can bet you will see more automated key cutting machines as stores continue to look for more efficient ways to use their payroll dollars.


Since when is it considered unprofitable for employees on company time to provide service to the customers????Blowing off customers left and right with genuine concerns and fustrated is what I would consider unprofitable.


How much profit do you think a store makes when they cut a key for a couple of dollars? Factor in all these things when you come up with your answer: the cost of the blank, the cost of a key machine, the value of the space the machine takes, the electricity and maintenance for the machine, the employee wages for time involved with cutting the key (don't forget the time involved with stocking the key and processing the billing) benefit costs for the employee and well as taxes on their wages. If you come up with an honest cost you will see why it isn't profitable for a store to cut keys, that is why you will see more and more automated key machines in the future.


When proper service is failed to be provided to the customer by the staff or a business, the customer permanently takes his business elsewhere resulting in absolutely ZERO dollars in the register. If that trend continues over and over the store goes down like a sinking ship.

In this situation the customer was left with $6.00 of absolutely useless merchandise and the stores only response was to call some overseas number. The store offered no monetary refund, or offered to recut the defective products. The customer was left with 3 useless pieces of scrap metal and essentially donated $6.00 to the register. Would you continue to do business with that store after situations like that??????

Despite what you might want to believe in your make believe neighborhood if a business tries to minimize customer service the satisfaction of the customers goes down on a equal scale resulting in less sales, less repeat customers, less friends recommending friends to the business and soon bye bye store resulting in zero business expenses once the former employees severance payments are paid out.

So in essence your right, let customer service hit rock bottom, loose the customers, close the doors and soon all the expenses will go away.


What Mister customer doesn't realize is that the $6.00 did not go into a Menards register. It was paid to Minute Key at their kiosk.

The toll free number is not an overseas number. As Minute Key received the money for the keys, they are responsible for the refund or providing codes to remake the keys at their machines. It is clearly posted on the machine that problems are resolved by calling Minute Key's 800 number. A quick simple call would have easily solved this customers problem.

There are fewer problems with their keys than the keys that used to be cut by hand.

Perhaps you fell it is better to not offer key duplication at all forcing the majority of the people who have satisfactory experiences with the machine to drive somewhere else to have a key made. By the way, with the machine you don't have to find someone to cut your key, much faster way to get your key cut.


If everyone offers the same thing where else you going to go? Any establishment must be profitable to keep doors open just as your income must be higher than your expenses to keep your roof over your head. Would you give your kids a higher allowance than your income checks?