Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio

I have my own scooter that I can use. It is not always convenient to have it with me. I own about 20 rental properties and do several rehab projects amounting to 20,000 to over 100,000 dollars in purchased materials annually. I live 1 1/2 miles from Menards, but will bypass them and drive another 10 miles to Lowes.

Lowes seems to care about me as well as the business that I bring. The investment made in a few scooters seem to be paying dividends.

No, I don't expect anything in consideration from Menards, but it just makes good sensre.

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not everyone who needs a scooter can afford one like you can, BUT, having problems such as parkinsons or other diseases that affect walking long distances is hard for some folks, even if there were somewhere to rest for a minute would be very helpful at menards


first off handicapped people no matter why they are that way BILLY, have the same rights as everyone else, and second YOU are only one second from a stroke or an accident from being that way yourself PAL!

3rd people in chairs tend to spend more money in stores because they plan on going to the store to buy items and usually are not in a hurry and spend more time in the store shopping.

So the next time you feel a little dizzy lets hope your not on your way to one of these chairs yourself,because I sure dont want to here about YOU *** about YOUR rights being violated BILLY.


Yeah, because every store you shop at should have scooters for you for your convenience. *** why not McDonalds?

They should have them for all the lards that eat there too, right? Why do you need a scooter in the first place?

It's people like you that gives America, Land of the Free (and fat and lazy?) a bad name. How hard is it to bring it if you only live 1.5 miles away?


I'd like to personally thank you for going out of your way to keep from spreading your "business sense" to my team members. Rumor has it there's another Lowe's in a town or two further away, you should check it out and stay there.


menards isn't where it is now because of *** business sense. until people who insist upon scooters start making a dent in the company's profit margin, they won't change a thing. nor should they.


Even by the amounts you speak of, the profit margin would have not been enough to offset the price of scooters for even a single store.


So why can't you take your scooter with you when you know where you are going?


What in the world are you complaining about? You ramble on and you make no sense. You're an ***.