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Went into menards and paid over $3000.00 for deck lumber and 90% of what I got was junk holes in it chunks missing out of the wood and gouges that look like they have been hit with a fork lift. Called the store and some guy showed up at my house without even calling to look at the wood and took some of it but did not get a call back on what he took and looked through the wood and said he would use this but I could not tell you if this guy has ever built a deck before but with the crown facing up this stuff is junk!

I wish I could send pictures in this Paying over $3000.00 for deck Materials and delivery and to get this stuff is unacceptable. I would like the lumber replaced with lumber that is right. I have paid for someone to build my deck and now have wait to get it done and it could be a month before the person building it can come back now that my steps on the back of my house have been torn down I have no way to take my dogs in and out to use the bathroom. I am handicapped due to a broken leg and have a hard time getting around this is a very big inconvenience for me if someone could call me and let me know what can be done.

I went to the store today and the guy expected me to tell him how to do his job and how much lumber I needed when it was on the ticket order. If he can’t tell how many rows it takes of lumber to put this section of deck together then he probably does not have the need to be a manager.

I am assistant manager of a tire store and if you tell a customer that you are going to do something you better dang well stick to your word. The general manager told me he was going to replace all the deck lumber and did not do that.

Location: Columbia, Missouri

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Did you go out and look at their lumber before you purchased your deck? One of the things you would notice is lumber that looks like this in the rack.

The next thing you would notice is the way it is slid into the racks. It's a PIA to get a large quantity out.

You can bet the people pulling your lumber are going to pull it off the top with little or no sorting. Go to a Home Depot and you will see a difference in the quality of their lumber and the way it is stocked.

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