Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Johnson Creek, Wisconsin screwed me out of a $900 transom window. I bought a new door and sidelights with an overhead arched transom window.

When they dropped it off, I inspected the door but never opened the box that the window was in. Three weeks later, when I had contractors coming to my house to install windows, I opened the box that the transom was in and saw that was a different colored inlay (I ordered nickel and got gold). I called the manager and he told me that the employee that took my order is no longer employed there and it wasn't his problem. When I asked to speak to his manager, he said he doesnt have one and proceded to rant on about how I shouldnt have signed for it.

So now I have a beautiful transom window sitting on my workbench, still in the box.


For sale if anyone is interested... cheap

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Should have look at window first read print on receipt clearly states that you have looked at product andare happy with it your fault dumb *** in every town


My experience, exactly. Mendards does not stand behind the products they sell.


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