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I went into our local Menards store here in Green Bay to buy a new front entryway door for my business. I came across an employee talking on a cell phone and waited close by for him to finish his call.

It was then I realized his call was personal, and he started walking away. I looked around for another associate to ask about a door when I noticed the same one I saw on the phone was now done and talking to another worker. When they saw me coming towards them they both turned away and walked quickly out of sight. I couldn't believe they were actually avoiding me, so I went to a service desk where another store associate was helping another customer.

I waited patiently for an opportunity to ask for help with finding a door. After what felt like several minutes, the store associate was going to leave with this customer to help them elsewhere and they turned to me and asked if I needed help. I said, "Yes", and was told he would get someone to help me. He called someone by radio or phone and told them I was at the desk waiting.

After what seemed like several more minutes I saw the associate I had seen earlier on the phone call walking towards the desk. When he saw me, he took a quick turn down another isle. When I went to look for where he turned, he was gone and no where to be seen. After waiting back at the desk for at least another three minutes, I decided it had been long enough and walked towards the exit of the store.

This was not a busy evening where the store was full of customers.

There was barely anyone else in the store. And when I got to the front by the checkout I again saw this associate that appeared to be avoiding helping me. As I walked towards the exit I turned towards him and said, "Thanks for all your help", in an obvious sarcastic tone. He just looked at me and smiled, and then said, "You're welcome".

What a *** I will never go back to this store again. I went from there to Lowes and was asked if I needed help almost immediately upon entering the store. They were very friendly and helpful, and I got the new door I was looking for.

It's obvious to me that Menards here has a lot to learn about customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I am constantly getting my hand shook my guests who believe i have done an excellent job. maybe the local stores you have been into haven't gotten your story and fired that employee.. but no one ever likes to speak up unless hidden behind a fake name and screen.

@That one guy

Glad to see "That one guy" who's a good Menards employee, and is willing to acknowledge that there may be bad ones that NEED to be fired. I know there are good workers at Menards. I just wish there weren't so many bad ones that cause complaints like this one that obviously lead to another lost customer.


This is clearly a smart customer who made it very clear what happened during their experience at this Menards store. ANYONE can see they took the time to communicate each step that this Menards store failed to provide them with basic customer service.

Of course, Heartless makes so many assumptions about this person and how they must be lying.

So what is new? That is all he has to do besides go to his job and hate the people who walk through the door. It's no wonder there are so many complaints for Menards on this site.

Very sad. Especially when there are so many who need work and are willing to do what is expected when you are in the service industry.


Heartless made a big assumption about there being no Lowes in Green Bay, Wisconsin.......... Wait a minute he is RIGHT!

The nearest Lowes is in Appleton, Wisconsin 30-minutes away. So if the complainer is so creditable why did he travel to Lowes not even in the same county as Green Bay? He could have went to Home Depot just down the road, Green Bay has 2 of them.

Something is clearly off with his complaint. Heartless is logical the complainer and you are out of line.


Be glad you didn't buy a mastercraft door! THEY LEAK!

It was a GOOD thing you were treated as a typical menards customer with poor service from the "team members". Now you don't have to deal with the problems after the sale.

@Mastercraft doors are bad

Sigh, his entire post was made up. Sounds like a board Menards team member or a former team member.


The rest of his post is filled with silly misconceptions that guest's/customers have all the time. Only someone who worked at Menards would know this many.

For example: he references a "cell phone." Menards employees are not allowed to have cell phones on them if they are punched in! However, every department has a mobile phone and it sort of looks like a cell phone. I often have guest/customers assume I'm on a cell phone making personal calls while working because of that phone. I've had countless guest try and interrupt me while on that phone, assuming I was on a personal call. The reality is that phone is used for work purposes only. 95% of the time it's some guest/customer calling into find out if we have a certain item. The other 5% is departments calling another department about work related issues. AND BTW GUEST/CUSTOMERS IT'S COMPLETELY RUDE AND POOR SHOPPING ETIQUETTE TO TRY AND INTERRUPT A WORKER WHO IS ON THE PHONE BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE SOMETHING IS.

Next he referenced an employee at the service desk ignoring him because he/she was already helping someone else. Typical he would go there next. It's very common for me to already be helping someone and someone else to show up. Then the person who showed up second becomes rude and irate because you can't give them full attention. GUESS WHAT YOU'RE IN-LINE WAIT YOUR TURN! I've literally had people stomp their feet and shout at me because I said I'm with someone else I will be right with you.

Next he makes another major assumption you see daily by guest/customers. "HE CALLED SOMEONE BY RADIO AND PHONE AND TOLD THEM I WAS WAITING BY THE DESK." Then he happens to see the guy he hates so much walking around and ASSUMES THAT'S the guy who was radioed or called. YEAH RIGHT..... He doesn't know who was called or radioed, that worker was probably just doing his job and wasn't ignoring anyone. Why assume it was the guy who ignored you the first time. The next thing you need to ask your self is why DOES HE SAY CALLED OR RADIOED? WHY DOESN'T HE KNOW WHAT THE PERSON DID TO CONTACT THE OTHER PERSON? Why is he just guessing? He claims he was there to witness it, but he doesn't know what happened? TOTAL BS.

Finally the Green Bay Area has 3 Menards. Howard, Green Bay East and De Pere. Why did he not reference the exact one? BECAUSE THIS POST IS TOTAL BS.


Talk about making assumptions.....


THIS ENTIRE POST IS A LIE! Want to know why? Read this guys entire post at the end he says "I went from there to Lowes," Well the fact of the matter is GREEN BAY DOES NOT HAVE A LOWES. THE CLOSEST LOWES IS IN APPLETON MORE THAN 30 MINUTES AWAY.

Green Bay, WI has 3-Menards, 2-Home Depots ,and 2-Fleet Farms. Now let's think about this, this guy has a LOT OF CHOICES... Lowes would not have been his next choice no way no how.

Don't believe me? Go to Lowes website and use store locator you won't find one Lowes in or around Green Bay.


This entire post is a perfect example of the kind of turds they have working at the Green Bay stores. Not a one good store out of three. It is worth it to drive to Appleton to get good service from Lowes.