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I am remodeling my Kitchen and Bath and went to Menards to purchase the wood and drywall and assorted other material to start the job. When I went to check out, I was informed that the Jefferson City Menards no longer would be giving a discount to military personnel.

I left the $480.00 purchase so Menard personnel could put all the materials back in stock. I went to LOWE'S and purchased all the items and received better service and a MILITARY Discount!!!

Menards has lost Thousands of dollars in this job alone. Why would any Military persons ever go to Menards to make a purchase when you can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get treated with the respect and a discount.

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I'm military too and noticed they stopped. Mnard unwilling to part with any money! So, I too go to Lowes or Home Depot.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves. people Will sit there yelling and getting so angry at the people working at menards and don't even stop to think that the store level does not control it.

so by leaving all you stuff at the cash register you are punishing people who did NOTHING wrong.

if you want to complain talk to john menard. we can't do anything about it


Thanks for the support Guy....


As a fellow Vet, I too used to recieve a discount and was thanked for my service! But recently they stopped giving the discount.

When I asked the manager why, he said because corporate claimed that Menards' prices were already 10% lower than the competition and would only be losing money.

He told me if it was up to him he would still honor it, but didnt want to risk his job....what a load of ***! Menards tries to come off as a patriotic store, but neglects those who make it possible for them to have those prices and their freedom!!


To LoLidiots, You are the ***! Your just another person that didn't have the balls to go into the military or wasn't mentally able to past the test.

Why do you use ***?? Can't spell???

just a dirty mouth punk. Hope you can get a life someday..


thank you for service..thank the firefighters and the police and the teachers and the government personnel, and the strippers for the entertainment and *** it..lets give everyone a discount for the *** of it..for no reason lets discriminate all other jobs and careers and not give them 10% off..kinda sad if you only got in the military for discounts..everyone is in the recession and all need discounts but not everyone had the privilage! lets move on with it..if it was about bad service thats one thing but seriously people!! things in life dont all have discounts or are free..get over it


Hey John it's to bad you couldn't get into the military!!! Do you really eat with that mouth..I will pray for you...God Bless you!!




The only thing PATHETIC is you!!The only thing LUDICROUS is your comments. I received a 10% discount for over a year at the Jefferson City MO.

Menards store, I just took advantage of there offer.

I grew a pair long ago when I went to war for my country....You should get a life and not use your spare time trying to get involved in things you have no idea what your talking about. Why don't you take a flying intercourse at a rolling pastry.


Police and Firemen never come into Menards and throw tantrums about getting discounts. Menards NEVER offers the discount so that you're saying someone did is just ludicrous and it's really sad that you put all of that work into fighting for your country to think you have a right to a measly 10%.

I thought you guys in the service were tough, non complainers, you know...

not some worn out whiny sap that finds some website to rant and rave on. Grow a pair.


Your right this sure didn't ask if I was Military everytime I went to the register. That is because when they opened their new store in Jefferson City MO.

I went to customer service and ask "Will you be giving a 10% discount to Military personnel like Lowe's and Home Depot". Yes!! so everytime I went to Menards which was considerable, I stated that I was Military and they would ask to see my I.D. then they call a Supervisor who also looked at my I.D.

and gave me the 10% discount that they had told me prior that they would give me. So you can say I ask each time or you can just use your common sense and conclude that they made the offer to to compete with Lowe's and Home Depot WHO GIVE THE 10% DISCOUNT EVERYTIME A MILITARY PERSON ASK FOR THE DISCOUNT WITHOUT QUESTION AND NO THEY DO NOT ASK IF I AM MILITARY WHEN I GO TO THE REGISTER THEY JUST ASK FOR A I.D. when I tell them I am Military...and your right shame on them forever giving a Military Discount. But you can rest assure I have fought for their right to do just that and I respect their right to do just that but I also have a right to say it PISSED me off.

Thank you for at least taking a few minutes of your busy life to express your view, I hope I made you understand my side a little better. God Bless America.



I appeciate the freedom that I have from your service! Thank You!

With that being said - Every time when you went to the register, they said hi were you in the military and want a discount? If so, yes shame on them for asking and then turning you down after offering it. Unfortunatly I don't think that happened, I would say you asked for each time. Let me know if I am wrong.


Hey Ruserious, I am very sorry your friend died and his brother has been so injured. I just think everyone should just back up and read the beginning COMMENT.

I never said I earned or deserved a discount or that because I was Military that I should be given anything. I only said that MENARDS gave the Military a discount because they want to compete with Lowe's and Home Depot,

Menards made the offer and did give it to the Military for a year. I was just upset that they took it away after they made the offer. The key to all this is they "MENARDS" offered, not that I deserve anything.

I don't have to go to Menards and shop and I don't, I do go LOWE"S or Home Depot because they will give me a 10% Military discount, maybe alot of you have alot more money than me but I have spent thousands of dollars remodeling my Kitchen, and have saved hundreds. I was so surprised that so many hits and comments were sent concerning my comments.

Unless you have spent at least 4 years in the Military you have no idea what your talking about concerning the pay or medical or G.I. Bill or what kind of life it is for your FAMILY.AGAIN I DIDN'T ASK FOR A DISCOUNT THEY OFFERED.......


Hey "shocked"...the difference is that I dont expect a discount or feel im entitled to one. Last week I had to bury a friend of mine who went into a fire and never came out, his younger brother is in the ICU breathing from a tube because his entire face has burns on it.

I would rather remember and honor him and his brother instead of *** about some *** discount. I guess thats the difference between us. Get the *** over yourselves and remember whats really important.

God Bless ALL who serve this great country. Not just the military either, but ALL!


Menards doesn't need to give a special discount because the prices are better than anyone else. Show a better price and Menards will match it or show you they are already cheaper.


The policy changed because people were complaining that they should pay the same price regardless of their occupation, service, age, etc. I have a lot of respect for military members, but when they come into the store demanding a discount and being rude when I say we do not offer one anymore it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth..


Where has Menards ever advertised or posted a military discount? I think everyone claiming the discount wasn't honored just believed they were entitled to a discount that was never really there.


I cannot believe how many people have a problem with military members receiving discounts. If you were offered a discount for any reason you would take advantage.

As a whole military members AND their families sacrifice a lot. Contrary to popular belief they do NOT make "good" money. They make enough to survive. @comeonman, the gi bill is not just given to them.

They pay for it (with $) & earn it by serving their time. & how could you even compare a girl scout/boy scout leader to a service member?

@ruserious FYI there are many places that give public servants ie:ff, emt, police discounts or free meals even. Shame on all of you for thinking he is in the wrong!


Kimstylist, they get paid by the hour and and I'm sure I did not endanger there job by my actions and for your information, I was polite to the employees and most agreed that Menards should not have stopped giving the Military Discount after giving it for over a year and said they understood. It is nice that you are truly concerned for them and I agree with you, maybe I shouldn't have done what I did.


Hey "Comeonman" Shut my mouth?! WoW this is suppose to be a place to express our feelings not get personal, I fought for the your right and my right to express our views without someone trying to control what I say.....Shut my Mouth!!!! NEVER NEVER