Dundee, Michigan
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Menards Clearance Price: $899

Was not going to go china built but the price was great. The motor was tough to start but it did. Unit ran excellent and split some really big gnarly stuff. Not a lot of reviews on the LCT engines. Just need to role the dice with these low cost motors and hope you get a decent one.

Easy to assemble after watching some videos. One of the motor mount bolts rattled off but since I assembled it I can't complain. I will need to buy another bolt and add lock tite.

The motor is not a one pull start and you need to choke even if it is warm. Keep in mind I only have 2 hours on the motor and hopefully it will break in and start easier. I think the carb might have some junk in it so I'm going to clean it out. When it finally catches and goes it runs strong. Just need to figure out it's temperaments.

I will post again if anything falls a part. So far so good.

Reason of review: Good quality.

  • Log Splitter Menards
  • Forest King Forrest King
  • 30 Ton
  • Ltc Engine
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I hope the recoil starter is durable enough to last the 50,000 pulls it takes to start this lemon