Columbus, Ohio

Went to new Menards store in Lancaster, Ohio to buy sump pump on sale. Sold out & gave me a rain-check. If it rains I need a sump pump!

Young employee with big holes in the rear of his jeans. Great professional uniform.

Went to lumber. Why didn't they put stacks of lumber parallel with isles? Almost hit a family of 4 pulling a 10' board out of some *** rack that is 5' off of the ground where you cannot see the lumber without pulling it out.

Even more dangerous - you can go to second floor lumber racks and fall over railing or drop lumber down on heads of people.

This store is an attorneys paradise. Lowes & Home Depot are safe. The customers in this store are not.

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Ok first off to work at menards you can not have a single hole in your jeans otherwise you will be sent home. Second off it is your lazy ***'s fault for not getting there soon enough.


"Ohio to buy sump pump on sale. Sold out & gave me a rain-check. If it rains I need a sump pump!"

Holy ***...a rain check doesn't mean that you have to wait until it rains to claim the check. If they are sold out...go back at another time or go to another location and get the pump. You still get it at the sale price.

"yet demand perfect customer service from people making $8 an hour."

I personally don't care how much you make an should do the very best you can at your job.

"ALSO, what are you looking at an employees butt in the first place. What color was his undies. "

When someone has holes in their is going to stand out...regardless if the customer wants to look at that part of the body or will be noticed. If the management allows that kind of clothing being worn by their employees...they do not have high standards. I want to shop somewhere that has high standards...and it should show in the way the employees dress.


NOT SAFE!!! Get real.

Menards offers a great looking INSIDE limber yard with much room. If we would lay each board in a way that you could see the entire board, then there would not a anything else in the store. You could go some where else and get a board that is outside in the heat. and the boards that are upstairs are only 4-8 foot boards.

There is plenty of room up there to get 8' boards downstairs without going over the railing. You need to watch what you are doing when you are dealing with 10' boards anyway. Careless on your part. Having the boards in there longways give you a great view if it is warped or nor straight.

You don't look at a board from the side, you look at it from the back or front. Are you too lazy to walk your lumber down the stairs to put on your cart. If you have to drop it (like you said) you are doing more work. You have to go down the stairs, pick up the lumber off the floor and put on your cart.

Sound like more work to me. Also, with the new store not having product, what do you expect. New store VS old store. New stores do not know what products will be in demand in that market while old stores do.

New stores have NEW employees, old stores don't. ALSO, what are you looking at an employees butt in the first place.

What color was his undies. Get a live and do them a favor and shop somewhere else where everyone is in a sute and tie, kissing your *** while you are in there.


Speaking of "poor store layout". I sent them a letter a year ago and they replied thanking me for my comments and that they'd look into it.

Their store layouts are a disaster...

no order whatsoever. The stores are all highly unorganized.


Menards is a joke. My shrubs are getting attacked by Spider-Mites and I went to Menards in Omaha, NE.

and found that they have two shelves w/all of the lawn/tree/shrub bug killing chemicals...nothing that kills spider mites, etc. It's something else. I sent them a letter via e-mail telling them how rediculous their selection of tree/shrub insect sprays is and that they should consider getting rid of their grocery selection in order to make space to stock what people really go to home improvement stores for.

They actually stock cereal, pop-tarts, frozen pizzas, chips, and a 4 aisles of groceries! Their employees have no clue what you're asking them...I often wonder if they know that they're working at a Home Improvement store.


Why can't you search for an item by it's name on the Menard's web site? Gas is 4.25 a gallon here; would have been nice to check a price before driving 30 miles!


Probably valid observations from a new Menards customer.


Safety is a # 1 priority at every location. Depot is involved in 6000 lawsuits at any given time, Menards might be involved in 10 or less.


Items out is a major sin, its up to you but being a brand new store you could give them a break or not go anymore.


Employee shoud not have a ripped uniform, but you didn't say he was not helpful. Did he answer the questions professionally?


All complaints should be directed to the store manager on duty, they have a personal interest in running a tight ship. The store managers want to hear your feedback.


-Menards Guy


Seems there is only one place there are "holes".....your story. Learn proper grammar, then come back and talk about this ***. Come on!


so you couldn't go anywhere else to look for a pump? it HAD to be at that location?

it's people like you that drive retail workers up a wall.

expect cheap prices and yet demand perfect customer service from people making $8 an hour. congratulations.