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An employee opened a box of N95 masks I purchased, scanned the items into inventory and purchased my item. When I went into the store to pick up my items they were not there.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: The items I ordered back and the employee terminated.

Location: 17545 Halsted St, Homewood, IL 60430

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Hey go to Home Depot they will take care of you. This is just a site for Menards store managers to practice making excuses to the customers and practice being rude to them.

Don’t waste your battery on these losers. Home Depot. Happiness, service, everything you need. Menards is their family is an even bigger circus.

They used to run all the circuses before starting Menards. Call Nikki.


What would Michael Jackson do?


The employee purchased themself and listed on eBay for $150.00 Have a nice day


Quite the story. You don't see them selling fo that on e-bay.


What make you think all this happened?


Good luck finding these masks nowadays.


N95s do not stop viruses.


I know that but it protects against airborne which the Coronavirus is!


No it’s not airborne yet and despite the media hype it’s no worse then a flu bug. Calm down.

It’s like any bug you catch. You have to weather the symptoms. From all accounts of those ppl who have caught it, a little chest tightness a dry cough and a fever.

Treated with IBU and fluids. Panic much??

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