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Found an item on line that I wanted. i called the local Columbus store and the plumbing department manager answered..

she said there was one left. Told her I wanted it and had her one mark it sold for me. Told her I would have it picked it up the next day. My wife made a special trip (60 miles) the next day to get it and was told some one else got the item the day before.

What is really upsetting to me is no solutions were offered to rectify a company screw up that cost me time and travel expense.

in the past have bought a lot of things at Menards. Must be time to go to Home Depot or Lowes

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Doesn't matter AT ALL if it is paid for! They will sell it again if they have another customer wanting to buy it!

Then they will re-order it for you. And if you have paid for it and they "special" order it for you and you cancel the order?

You get zinged for a restock charge! They are one scam after another!


You must pay for it on line for pick up at store for them to put it aside. Paying for it on the phone or in the store won't get it put aside.

Odd policy but that's the way it works. It will only be set aside for a limited number of days though. You get far too many people thinking they are going to buy product for a project that won't be started for months and have Menards sit on them.

They are not a storage facility. If you want something, buy it and take it home.


That's not a screw up on Menard's part. That is their company policy!

They are not actually allowed to hold ANY item for pick-up! Even if it's PAID for! There is absolutely no legal requirement for them to do it so they don't.

The reason being that their whole company mantra is to get customers into their stores as often as possible! And this but one of many, many ways they do this.


This would be correct if you purchased the item in the store. If you buy it on line for pick up at the store it is pulled and put in their special order area.


The only way they would have put it aside if if you had selected the buy on line pick up at store option while you were shopping on line. Money talks and the first person to PAY for the item gets it.


Had you paid for this?