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Hello. I own a company that deals in reconstruction of houses that are on the market for rent/sale.

I spend alot of time and money with Menards, Home Depot, Lowes etc.... Needless to say, I often have things i need to return for a multitude of reasons. In this particular instance, employees of ours had purchased items throughout the duration of our time with this particular townhome. I'd say it was approximately over a 3 month timeframe.

Because we have several people on site, communication isn't always perfect and things get purchased that we do not need and or have already purchased. That being said, there are not always receipts to provide upon return. Many of our subcontractors are young and do not always keep copies of our receipts. Eitherway, we were able to return some items at Menards without trouble.

However, after the fact, Menards decided to make our in store credit unusable. This was quite frustrating as we spent a good part of our morning shopping to spend this in store credit for another job we were working on. When trying to figure out what is going on, we just get the run around. No one at menards has responded to our emails, nor has anyone at the 5 stores we've inquired at (while shopping for other jobs we've done over the past few months) One of the Menards employees did however tell us that it was voided because an employee at the Golden Valley store said that they had "seen something suspicious) we have NEVER been to the Golden Valley Menards.

So I'm sure you can understand our frustration with this ordeal. There is a completely seperate issue too that i will not get into today. But regardless, I am highly dissatisfied and am considering taking all of my business elsewhere. This is a huge corporation and they have no stability across their stores when in comes to returns.

They have all had different things to say and none of them helpful whatsoever. I may not have these particular receipts but i do have 100s of others to provide some inclination that we spend thousands of $$$ at Menards. Is that suspicious too? Thank you for checking back with me on this.

Maybe this will help get us closer to getting our money back.

If not, well menards can legally steal from us little guys then and there's nothing we can do about it. SAD

Donalways keep track of their reciep

Location: Marshall, Minnesota

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How do you claim your purchases as a business expense without receipts? If the purchases were made with credit or debit cards receipts could easily be printed at their kiosk by the returns desk.

Your credit more than likely got canceled when they found there had been thefts of the materials that were returned. Unfortunately contractors and their employees while being good customers can also be some of the biggest shoplifters. Employees get comfortable seeing them in the store frequently and aren't as watchful of their actions. The moral of the story is to get better at record keeping.

Require you employees to turn in receipts in a timely manner.

Your book keeper will be happier and returns will be easier. You will also be able to claim the 11% rebates you are loosing to sloppy record keeping as well.

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