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I walked into Menards with my mask on as I got to the part of the store I was needing I felt a little dizzy I had seizures so I took my mask off and stood there away from everyone for a couple minutes and your manager come through and continue to scream at me and threaten to call the cops if I didn't put my mask on I told him I was having a seizure and he said he didn't care I had to put my mask on or leave the store he continued to yell at me as I stood there and tried to recover I don't think this is the way you treat people if anything he should have tried to get me help instead of yelling at me I'll never shopping your store again by the way I spent $381 that day thanks for nothing

User's recommendation: the manager is heartless. I hope you're able to stay healthy while you're in their store.

Location: Princeton, Indiana

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I was dizzy, no wait I had a seizure, no wait, I’m fine and did my shopping and spent hundreds. Your are such a liar!

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