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Needing to replace a dilapidated portion of my home I was pleased to receive a small remittance from a life insurance policy. I am disabled and on a small fixed income.

I hired a local contractor and a friend to help me with this project. I purchased the majority of the building supplies from Menards. In researching roofing materials appropriate for the replaced structure, elastomeric paint appeared to be the best option. I had used it before two years prior with a membrane that has so far performed exceedingly well.

I talked with the manager of the building materials area numerous times about using a membrane but was told that one is not needed with the new formulations. When I insisted that I would feel more comfortable using a membrane, I was presented with rolls of an adhesive wall covering instead of roofing membrane. I even checked into the website of the company that manufactures the paint, ThorWorks Industries and read yet again, that no membrane was needed, that the paint would seal directly over wood. We applied the paint on a dry day and seventeen dry days followed.

The paint requires 48 hours of dry weather to set up properly. The paint failed catastrophically during the first rainfall after application. We are now having rain on almost a daily basis and my new construction is filled with water.

I called Menards and the manufacturer but so far have gotten nothing but run around.

The paint is warranted but neither company is even pretending that they are going to honor what was advertised right on the bucket. After visiting the store yesterday yet again, one of their staff produced rolls of roofing membrane and explained that a membrane should have been applied as well. So, that leaves me with a ruined remodel project, winter coming fast, water saturating not only the roof, but the walls and the insulated floor. The only minor silver lining to this is that the ceiling and wall insulation had not gone in yet nor had the sheet rock been installed.

It has become all too apparent that their 'trained' staff are not competent at all in the products they sell. Nor are they willing to back up their own claims of 'Customer Satisfaction'. It will take me some time to salvage this mess but when I do, if it isn't a complete disaster by next Spring, I will be spending my money elsewhere. I try to spend my money locally but I will not support liars, cheats, thieves, and incompetents for the sake of local economic strength.

If anyone is interested you should check out the BBB listing on Menards. They have a 'F' rating due to the number of complaints filed, false advertising and unresolved complaints made by their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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This is an update to my initial complaint.

Having filed a written complaint to Guest Services, I got a reply back today from Ray in that department. In my complaint form I wrote it comprehensively so that whomever would be reading it would understand where exactly things went wrong both with information and the failure of the product because of it. The response I got back from Ray was this.

"I'm sorry, but confused. What exactly, in 30 words or less, is it you want from me? Please advise.

I admit, I was tempted to ask him if had attention deficit disorder and needed a Ritalyn break, but refrained. This instead was my response.

"I will type slowly then Ray,

I would like Menards to take responsibility and correct this problem."

I got yet another obtuse email back and did email back to say,

"I want the roof fixed CORRECTLY so that I can FINISH the project BEFORE Winter sets in. I do NOT want to play silly games."

I got no response back. The pertinent fact here is, I am not in the building or supply trades. IF I were, I wouldn't have needed Menards' expertise.

In the interim I got news from a family member who had managed to get through to the head manager of the Menards store where I had purchased all my materials. For a change, and a welcome one at that, he very graciously told my sister to have me call him and to ask for him directly. I did so and the difference was like night and day. Thanks Menardo for the advice it did indeed work, though not exactly as you said. My advice to others when dealing with Menards is to skip their protocols of complaining up the chain of managers, SKIP ENTIRELY the Guest Services and go directly to the manager of the store you purchased from. Be clear in how Menards failed in either their representation of a product or services and any damage as a result of it.

While damage done will not be repaired nor the cost of added measures to stop the inflow of water I experienced, Mr. Nestor (sp?) again was gracious, apologized for the horrendous run around I had gotten and the 'protocol' played by Guest Services. He also assured me that the problem will be taken care of and has given me names of contacts in the building supplies department whom he will personally authorize to provide me with what is needed to correct the problem I experienced initially. I am hoping that this is going to be the last complaint I ever feel a need to write on Menards. Should they fail to carry through with what has been promised, I will again be posting. Wish me luck. And best of luck in positive results with the challenges you may face with businesses.


I've made numerous calls to Menards, spoken to several managers and was then told I would have to talk to someone in Guest Services. I was connected to Guest Services where I got a recorded message stating that all complaints must be in writing and that they would not respond to complaints before thirty days.

IF a complaint was not settled after thirty days, I had the option of writing a second complaint with the same result. I looked up Menards at the BBB and was not surprised to learn that in 36 months they have had more than 488 complaints. 53 of those are still unresolved and the BBB gives Menards an 'F' rating.

The manager who gave me the bogus information in the first place took my number and name again and said all he could do was forward it to the manufacturer.

Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.


Menards does not like to let complaints go unresolved. If you are having issues with store management, I would recommend calling their General Office to speak to someone higher up, it seems to get the best results.