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First problem with Mendards is internal policy of forcing someone to buy products from multiple stores when placing an online order. If there is not something that is in stock within the store you are ordering from, it requires you to chase it down.

If I was dealing with Home Depot or Lowes, they will identify and internally transfer those items or put them on hold for the customer to pick up locally at the other store. Not Mendards. Menards washes their hands and puts the responsibility to track down material on the customer.

So I begin my process by having to order products from 3 different stores. (Kent, Cleveland, Warren) I ordered these online by the guidance of Mendards Kent Office that told me the quantities for each product that I needed to order that they didnt have in store and would not get until at least 2 months later.

I went online, I ordered directly to the stores, I was told they had the inventory on hand for the products that I needed.

I got confirmation emails from both locations telling me that my orders were accepted and should be processed soon. I got emails back from both locations. Cleveland telling me that they didnt have my items and that I would have to wait 4 months for it to be backordered. So I then call in to have my ordered cancelled a few days after getting this email (Friday, July 23) as I got the emails during the week and my days were already planned out.

I called in, requested the order to be cancelled. I then get a voicemail back the next day from the Cleveland office manager asking about the request because they have my order in store ready for me to pick up. Because of the backorder email, I went ahead and ordered through another store (warren). I already had one order that was placed with them and this now made 2.

I called in to verify steps for picking up order as I needed to get a trailer and truck to haul the items from Warren to my house in Rootstown.

The person I talk to tells me that my order had already been picked up that morning. I was like, how is that possible when this is the first time Im calling about it and I have never physically been to that store before. The lady then replies, her name is Ryan, that this is the 3rd weekend in a row that this has happened to her. I proceed to tell her that I have my Grandmothers birthday party to get to and I cant stay on the phone all day while they sort this out.

She says she will look into it and give me a return call as soon as possible. A few hours later I got a voicemail on my phone while at my grandmothers birthday party stating that she has the one order pulled (this is the new order that I had to place because Cleveland screwing me over). So then proceeds to say she cant find all the items for my order. That is unacceptable and very unprofessional to send out confirmation of your order, then proceed to give it away to someone else.

So I proceed to step away from the party to call menards about this. I get an on floor rep who tells me he can only tell me what he sees in the computer and he cant see if the items are all there or not. I ask for a manager to call me back. He said he would have someone call me back within an hour.

The rest of the day goes by, no phone call from a manager.

It is now Saturday, July 25, 10 AM. Still no call. I call into the office and get a lady who answers the phone and I explain to her that I have an order that I am trying to track down that has been nothing but problems and that a manager was supposed to call me and hasnt. I need some help finding this order.

I give her my name, she looks up the details and tells me the same thing, I have no idea what the status is. This puts me over the edge. I go off on her, figuratively speaking, dropping a few curse words because Im beyond pissed at this point because it appears that no one in that damn company appears to be overly concerned about taking care of the customer as no one has a fricking clue what is going on at the store. No one can find anything, cant look up anything, cant keep an order on track and appropriately communicate those details to the customer.

So because I expressed my frustration, the lady told me it was not her fault several times, and I agreed with her, telling her, I know its not your fault, its your companies fault and I want to speak to a manager. She kept repeating the same thing and telling me to stop swearing. I told her I wouldnt need to swear if this wasnt the 4th time calling in about the same problem. I asked again several times for a manager to which she hung up.

I called back in and got Joe who is apparently the manager.

I ask for his managers ID number to which he replied you dont need that. So I swiped back, Oh and why is it that I dont need that. Every time I tried to talk, he would talk over me. When I would start asking a question, he would talk over me, I started yelling at him to stop being rude and disrespectful that I am trying to talk and he called me a child and that he only interacts with adults, yet he was acting like a child by talking over me every chance he got and did not want to listen.

He only incited the situation, did not care to actually hear what the problem was, and was only on there for his own enjoyment. When I called him unprofessional and asked to speak to a real manager, a general manager, he hung up on me.

This forced me to call back again and my call got picked up by the Front office personnel this time. This lady was more helpful, pulled up my order in the computer and is trying to get the people on the floor to confirm where these items are. Ive been on hold now for almost 30 mins.

The call, due to amount of time on hold it appears, just got transferred back to the originating extension which is where I called in earlier and low and behold JOE PICKS UP asking how he can help. Has no idea its me who just got transferred back to that department. He asked what he can help with, I told him Im waiting on hold to verify the 3 different items, he said hang on and Ill check with them. He came back a few mins later telling me that they have identified all of the items.

The amount of disconnectedness, the amount of unprofessionalism revolving around the customer and the chain of command of product is horrendous in this company.

It is like the blind leading the blind and it creates for the most unpleasant experience that no one should have to deal with.

This will probably be the LAST Time I EVER shop at Menards. A HUGE Disappointment as I was looking forwarding to shopping with your company.



Preferred solution: Apology - partial refund for the outrageous ordeal and negative experience, not to mention lost time, with tracking down this order..

Menards Pros: What i thought was cheap price.

Menards Cons: Getting cheaper prices doesnt outway associated hassle, Poor customer service, Disorganized, Clueless personnel.

Location: 2015 Walmart Drive Northeast, Warren, OH 44483

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