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I have been a customer of Menards for about 20 yrs, and do appreciate everything about the retail store. However, within the last few months you have handled your Credit Cards thru Capitol One and since then I have been charged late fees twice in appropriately. I have proof thru my Bank that they have sent my payment to Capitol well in advance of Payment Due Date ( in one case it was 2 weeks early), yet the Posting Date at Capitol One was dated after the Due Date.

Therefore, I am canceling my Menards Credit Card. I will continue to do business with Menards, but will use my Visa card instead.

I called Capitol One and in both cases they removed the extra charges.

Also, I have refrained from using Vulgar language (note the first item below that is in reference to the Review Type), since I got out of the Army in 1958. It is, in my opinion, very adolescent behavior, and not worthy of a major corporation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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Your issue is with Capitol One, not Menards. Menards has nothing to do with the card after you sign up for it It's like this for all major retail chain credit cards.

The only reason they even offer them is to guarantee repeat business. Menards makes zero money on interest that is all going to Capitol One because they do all the WORK AND BILLING! All Menards gets is the cash for what you bought!

They don't care if you don't pay Capitol One, because Menards already got paid! YOU SHOULD HAVE TITLED THIS Capitol One - inappropriate late charge + interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!